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  • Whatís this called

    What is the technique called when one splits the thread, embeds a line of feather fibers between the thread strands, and then spins the bobbin?

    For the life of me I cannot remember what itís called. Iím trying to look up patterns on YouTube.

    Thanks for helping my failing memory.

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    I've mostly heard the technique being referred to as the "Split Thread Technique". Usually for quicker Dubbing loops, or for gripping CDC feathers tightly.


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      Thanks, John.


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        Glad to help! Seems like you already had the answer in your question 👍🏼

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          Dubbing loop or a composite loop where you can double the thread over onto itself without splitting if you want more substance. You can almost make a sort of “dubbing brush” this way.A dubbing spinner tool helps but is not necessary, very easy to make your own.
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            Sighter's got it. Generally referred to as a split thread technique. Not sure if he invented it but if you look at Marc Petitjean videos you'll see he uses this method a lot.

            It's advantage over standard dubbing loop is reduced bulk at tie in point. The disadvantage is it is not as strong as the doubled thread of the dubbing loop. Don't over-twist the bobbin or you can pop the thread.
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