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Classic Cane History: E.F. Payne & Son

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  • Classic Cane History: E.F. Payne & Son

    This is the third installment in the NGTO classic cane makers history series. This week, we explore the history around E.F Payne & son.

    The following information was originally written by Dick Spurr and has been maintained on Fishnbajo's site for those who wish to learn more about bamboo rods and their makers.

    E.F. Payne Rod Co.

    The E.F. Payne Rod Co. was founded in 1898 in highland Mills N.Y. Ed Payne established his rod building manufactory after leaving the recently sold Thomas, Edwards and Payne Rod Co. which was sold to US Net & Twine. Thomas, Edwards and Payne manufactured the Kosmic Rod and the Walton Rod was being made in Maine by Fred Thomas. Although Ed Payne began as a gunsmith, reel maker, in partnerships with Philbrook as Payne and Philbrook, he became the ferrule smith while at H. L. Leonard and began making rods while at Thomas, Edwards and Payne. It wasn't until he founded E.F. Payne Rod Co. that he would make rods of his on construction.

    By 1904 or so Ed Payne was joined by his 10 year old son Jim as apprentice and only 10 short years later Ed Payne passed away in 1914 leaving his son Jim a legacy and large shoes to fill. Jim had become quite accomplished as a rod maker and the exquisite rods of his fathers design continued being made without interruption. Less than 2 years later Jim began his experiments in flame tempering of the bamboo and once perfected the darkened cane rod which became his legacy was born.

    Jim offered his rods in 2 finishes, i.e. the lighter cane of his dads style and the darker cane of his and in 1925 he worked on using an oven to perform his magic toning process and once perfected dropped the lighter cane from his rod line. Jim Payne continued to make rods under the Payne name until his death in 1968 and left behind a legacy in rod making still discussed with reverence today.

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