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    I was in Bryson city this morning they had a flyfishing trade show, they had
    12-15 booths and there were 2 that build bamboo rods, they both sell
    them at reasonable prices of $400-$500 for a rod. I almost bought one
    bur still a lot of money, I you want their names just get in touch with me and
    will give you their names.

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    At that price point, I am betting these are finished rods made from Chinese mass produced blanks. Not that there is really anything wrong with that I guess.
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      BAMBOO rods

      I don't know were they got supply but both told me they made these and one
      even has a class were he teachs how to build them.
      Both of these men live in NC not far from Bryson city and I saw the rods, but
      they were made pretty good.
      They both gave me a card with phone and address, anybody can go see their

      I got an e-mail from one builder and the rods are used and rebuild with other rods parts if broken, some are new.
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        I just posted a couple of bamboo rods I have for sale on ebay in "Swap Shop" (post titled "Bamboo rods for sale"). I have been making / building bamboo rods for several years now (since 2012). The two blanks on ebay have a starting bid of $499 so they fall right in line with some of the rods you recently saw. Just to reassure you... I purchase my blanks from a gentleman up in NC who makes them himself, so they are not Chinese imports. They are beautiful blanks. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to actually make the blanks (although I have before) vs. what I can purchase them from my source for.

        I have casted and seen some of the Chinese imports... and some of them look really, really good and they feel great. If you are on a tight budget and do not own any cane... then it might be something to consider to start out with. Bamboo is a joy to cast and would encourage any Fly Fisherman to at least own a piece of cane at some point in their lifetime.

        At any rate... in case you are interested, take a look in Swap Shop and you can read all about them and see the links to ebay.

        Take Care!
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          Originally posted by Buck Henry View Post
          At that price point, I am betting these are finished rods made from Chinese mass produced blanks. Not that there is really anything wrong with that I guess.
          Buck, I have five bamboo rods all purchased for under $500.00 in fact some under $300.00 and made by builders from NC and KY made from raw materials. Including all of the hardware. These folks are hobby builders and really don't build rods to make money.

          There is a Bamboo Bash in Townsend,TN that is a great get together and rods are there for sale and trade. Many just off the bench. One builder has built over 100 rods others maybe not so many. The thing is they are like most craftsman they want to showcase their best work.

          I know there are some folks who claim to be builders but they just use the Chinese blanks and install the hardware. My advise is know the person you are buying from.
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            Originally posted by narcodog View Post
            My advise is know the person you are buying from.
            I know Runner on this forum and he'll make you a great rod for a great price.


            Sounds like you should check out Wooly Booger too.


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              NGTO member "runner", Mike Popick currently has two of his bamboo rods on ebay. One is a 7 1/2', 4 wt, 2 pc, 2 tip, PHY Perfectionist taper for $250 , the other is a Winston taper 7', 5 wt 2 pc, 2 tip for $199. Mike lives in Powder Springs, Ga. His ebay name is "gotech01". Mike makes a very nice rod and he uses nickle-silver ferrules, agate strippers, and turns his own grips from cork rings and turns his reel seat wooden inserts in his shop.

              Just for clarity, Mike doesn't build bamboo blanks. He finishes out bamboo blanks into bamboo rods. In the past he has stated that he builds out blanks for a shop up north and in return they trade him blanks to finish out and sell for himself. As I recall, the blanks were new, old stock US made blanks that the northern shop has access to. You can ask Mike about the blank of a rod you may be interested in.
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