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DIY Wading Staff with removable hook...

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  • DIY Wading Staff with removable hook...

    My old Kelty telescoping hiking staff finally crapped out on me, the bottom section would not lock. So I made a new one out of sched 80 pvc. Put a cane/crutch cap on one end, hammered in a wooden dowel, drilled out a hole for a threaded rod ďcouplerĒ, then popped on a moutain bike grip and done.

    I can screw on the hook for fly/lure retreival from stream bed or tree branches. It will come on/off without much trouble but I may leave on most of time to start with and see if hook gets in way.

    Not going to be collapsible but I think it is going to work fine. Here are a few pics if anyone interested:

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    I like the hook idea. I may try to rig up something for the two piece monopod I am using. It has a camera stud so should be pretty easy.


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      That hook will be worth itís weight in gold. Iíve got a similar setup for a pushpole that I built for my boat. Itís a wooden broom handle with a rubber bike grip and wrist loop around the top with a hook just like that screwed in. I built it for grabbing jug lines that got pulled under overhanging trees but I canít tell you how many lures itís helped me unsnag since then.

      Itís also useful for breaking off dead branches that are blocking casts while keeping a distance.


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        kmmcracy, home depot has a all thread connector "nut" 1 - 1.5" long female thread each end. I don't know if they are available down to a quarter inch or not.
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          I thought Iíd try this too while Iím at it, probably be awkward/in the way, but weíll see. If I ever go to Waters Creek, Iíd be outside of regs...

          Most likely the net on top is not a good idea, but playing with the possibilities. I do think the hook (or the ability to have a hook when needed) is going to prove useful.

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