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  • Best 6 wgt

    I was fortunate to get a gift card to the Fish Hawk for Christmas, thinking about getting a 6 wgt rod, like to spend less than $ 500, any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Michael, as an old-time fly fisher who has gone through more fly rods than he should this is what I would do if I was shopping for a 6 weight fly rod. First I would eliminate thinking "the Best fly rod" and change it to "the Best fly rod for me". The quality of most of all the top brand fly rods are excellent and all of them, with care, should last a lifetime.
    The next step of finding "the Best rod for me" is to decide what kind of 6 weight you want. For example, are you going to chunk heavy streamers or nymphs with tons of weight? Then I would look for a pretty stout rod with plenty of backbone. Are you looking for a dry fly or light dry dropper rod? Then I would chose one that had more feel. Want a 6 weight that is an "all-arounder"? Then get a rod feel in the middle of the other two.
    The next step is to determine what kind of stroke you have. Do you have a fast stroke, then look for a faster rod. Slower stroke, look for a rod with more feel. You can change your stroke with different rod actions, but it is not as intuitive as getting a rod that fits your style.
    Next, go cast all the 6 weights you can. Have a shop guy look at your cast and let you know what rod helps you form the best loops. Pay special attention to which rod "feels" the best for you.
    Next, talk to the shop guys, tell them what you want and enlist their help in choosing. Gary, Bobby, and Mustache are great guys and knowledgeable. They will be a great help in getting the right rod for you.
    Last, it is your money and your choice, but I would cast all the 6 weight rods, no matter what the cost. Maybe the $500 rod is right for you. But what if the $750 rod is the best one you have ever cast? At the price you are paying you are getting a life-time rod and I would get the rod I enjoy the most, even if it costs a bit more.
    I know this is a bit wordy, but getting the right rod for you just adds to the experience and I hope you find yours.


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      Take what JD said and square it He lays it out so well from best rod for you to try before you buy. Luckily, you have a certificate to one of the best fly shops in Georgia. Go sometime other than 2:00 pm on a rainy Saturday with no football games, and just tell them what you want to fish for and let them help. And you do not have to decide in one day! Have two rods in mind, think it over if you need to.


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        I would include the Temple Fork BVK as one one of the rods you consider. That would leave you over $200 for a reel and line.