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    I use this for both. It's an all purpose leader. If you want an even more delicate cast for dry flies you can substitute the mono for uni-thread and you will be amazed.


    I'm sure can elaborate further on the thread leaders.
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      Quick Question -

      I have tried a couple of furled leaders out - still like RScott's the best. (have not tried slowstreamers yet)

      I ordered a furled leader from streamside that had a small ring on the end. Every cast would make a small dimple in the water where the ring came down - not good for slower technical water. Is this common?



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        I have not used the ring yet. We will have to wait and hear from Scott or Steve.
        Nothing is impossible the impossible just takes a little longer. So take your time and enjoy the experience.


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          Must be a big ring

          DM -

          Pretty sure the Uni I sent you for field testing had a 2MM ring on the tippet end, so the one you ordered must have been bigger to make a dimple. I did see an ad that had rings on them and from the photo they looked bigger than what I have used.

          I am not much of a technical dry fly fisherman, and typically use a dry only to drop a nymph, but did last weekend and didn't notice a dimple with one of mine.


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            Where are you ordering your tippet rings from?
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              Thanks for y'alls info. I'm new to both furling and this board (good site).

              I'm having trouble finding a thread picker (with gate). I've searched the web and looked locally around Greensboro, NC.

              I'm hoping someone can help. Thanks jb

              Also, here is a site in the UK on furling.


              Lastly, you can buy tippet rings here.

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                Is a thread picker the tool used to make the shorb loops, if so, you can get them at JoAnns Fabrics and most craft stores. The smallest ones are better than larger sizes. The handles are purple and lavendar.
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                  thread picker? thought it was a hopper leg maker...

                  [ame=" me=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT"]Leg Tying Tool for Hopper Mini Latch Hook Extra Long FF136 | eBay[/ame]


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                    Yes, they are the same thing and, as you note, they are available in most all fabric shops and hobby/craft stores, where they are known as Knit Pickers.


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                      Rookie here..what is the advantage of furled leaders over regular tapered leaders.? Thanks


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                        They are very supple, they have no memory, if cast without tippet by hand they form nice loops just like the line, which should benefit energy transfer, they have a long 'use' life (all you do is to change the tippet, as needed), no knots to hang up in guides or to 'harvest moss'.


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                          which knot is mostly used to attach the tippet to the furled leader?


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                            Originally posted by two feathers View Post
                            which knot is mostly used to attach the tippet to the furled leader?

                            If the furled leader has a loop on each end you would use a loop to loop connection. Some folks incorporate a tippet ring or micro swivel in which you would then just use your preferred knot.

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                              I would like to add a few comments on the OP; based on my 5 years of furling. The first has to do with the use of springs for tensioning.This is a variation on the 'spring' that Skip Shorb, my mentor, uses. (He has a motorized board, as do I, and he uses a key caddy which is attached to the legs at the tippet end.) There is a downside to using springs of any kind: The applied tension is NOT uniform along the length of the the leader legs; resulting in a 'non-uniform' leader. The solution to this is to mount a small pulley, such as a patio door pulley, to the end of the board and suspend a weight over the pulley, to which the tippet end is attached. This yields a much tighter, and uniform furl, and the tension is consistent over the entire length

                              I have posed the question on every forum where furling is mentioned in an effort ascertain where the 10% reduction value comes from; all to no avail. I have not received the first response to date. Turning to the realm of the physicist, one learns that there are maximum reduction percentages for 'twisting' (=furling) multiple strands together. The values are: for a 2 strand 'rope'*=63%; for a 3-strand 'rope'=68%; and, for a 4-strand 'rope'=69%. The three "Gods" (of which I am one) on the 'proboards' site have all played around with the % reduction, and uniformly agree that a 22-25% reduction for the standard 2-strand leader is optimal. It yields a much tighter furl than the 10%, but retains all of the attributes of the 10%. Beyond 25%, they become too stiff to be of value.

                              With respect to materials, almost any nylon or polyester thread will work. I, along with some of the commercial makers, use the GÜtterman polyester threads made in Germany. If you go to the 'proboard' site and look under "Furled Leader Hardware" and click on "Tools, Materials, and Leaders" and the go to the third thread, "new BFLF spreadsheets" by Karel Gol, you will find that he has a Tab, captioned "Thread Sizes", on the spreadsheet. This table lists some 50+ threads and their 'tech specs', that are, or can be, used to make furled leaders. You will see that there are several brands of thread that are equivalent to the oft referenced "Uni" threads.


                              *rope; All a furler is doing is twisting a simple rope; albeit, a tapered one.