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Traditional Click Style Reels(Ross Reels 'Colorado' Series)

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  • Traditional Click Style Reels(Ross Reels 'Colorado' Series)

    The Ross Colorado I liked it because it was simple only 2 moving parts, 1 being the drag lever(like the wheel of furtune wheel) the other being the spool. You can field strip it to inspect it, & you know it will last for several generations. Now with all the fancy reels they are selling everything has a "fully-sealed" drag system, that's all I can find it seems. I don't want that I want another Ross Colorado, but they discontinued it some years ago. I've only just recently started looking for a 5weight rod & reel. I was looking at the BVK Series from Temple Fork Outfitters, their 9ft 5weight is $224. So you can imaging that I don't want to pay much more than half that for a reel if I can help it. I'd like to keep it around $400 alltogether.

    I've searched & searched & haven't found anything yet, only thing i liked that was affordable was the Orvis Battenkill Series.

    So does anyone out there know of a reel that is as simple as the Ross Colorado?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would think the Abel TR series would be what you are looking for. Very simple click pawl drag packaged in a beautifully machined reel. The TR-2 would be the best size for a 5 weight line.
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      Blake, Pflueger Medalist is hard to beat ($25) if you want a simple, workhorse of a reel.
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        good choices

        I have many reels (and rods). More than I probably need, but never more than I want ! I guess it's that way with a lot of us.... But, it seems that my 2 favorites are the Ross Colorado and the Orvis Batenkill. Simple, efficient and very dependable. Had 'em for yrs and they still work as well as the first day I used 'em. Of course, the type reel you use depends a lot on the rod and line you are using and of course the type of fishing you are doing. Since most of my fishing is on smallish streams, then the Ross Coloradeo and Orvis Bat are perfect. There are many on this board who have a lot more expertise and knowledge about reels than me and I'm sure they can make some very good recommendations for you.


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            Redington has a new click/pawl "Drift" reel on the market---$100.


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              Fish Gazer posted a link to this outfit the other day in the bamboo forum:


              I love the sound of a click/pawl and still use a Hardy that I bought at the Fish Hawk when Gary was a young man.