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How do you keep track of line weights on your reels?

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    Originally posted by Ted View Post
    Woah. Thought you seemed familiar. Were you the quiet kid who sat in the back row in Physics?

    That might work for 2 through 8-wt scenarios but what of 9, 10, 11, 12 or dare I say, 1-wt lines? An expanded spectrum? Do the high-end retailers sell "Taupe", "Evermint", "Mocha", "Citrus" or "Winterfrost" colored dacron backing?

    So you must be one of the fortunate ones to own a fly rod in every single weight?

    I am going to say highly unlikely...

    I thought of this rebuttal while I was sitting in the back of my nuclear-astro physics class.


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      Originally posted by Riverpirate View Post
      Those stickies you put on the reel last no time.
      Try a coat of SHAN.


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        Unless you're the fishmonger who likes a load , the answer is simple. Don't know how any of you got past FF101 without reading Lefty's books. There are few problems in fly fishing that old man didn't figure out years ago. Sparse Hackle knows - mark end of fly line with magic marker, any color you choose that shows (even if you're color blind or not a nancy boy who knows what color taupe is). `Works even on lines taken off the reel if you should change out.

        Here's 6 wt, 5 wt, 4 wt and 2 wt...

        You can even differentiate between WF and double tapers. Here are two nine wts. WF has wide mark at tip of line, followed by the 4 narrows. DT has narrows first, then wide.

        You can ususally see the marks even when line is on the reel - here's an 11 wt and a 12 wt.
        Fly Fish GA


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          whoda thunk it....Thanks...will


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            "You can even differentiate between WF and double tapers. Here are two nine wts. WF has wide mark at tip of line, followed by the 4 narrows. DT has narrows first, then wide."

            Just out of curiosity, sir, what is your convention for the 1-5 & 10 wt, WF vs DT? Jim

            PS: And then some didn't need Lefty's book to figure that trick out.
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              I put dots with a Sharpie on the backside of the spool.


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                Not to sounds like a smartas, but I just remember it.

                Unless your a guide, one of these nymph competing fisherman, or super into spey fishing, there shouldn't be too much need for similar looking lines to get confused.

                I have 4 reels right now. 2 for 8-9 wt, 2 for 5-6 wt. One of each size has floating, one or each size intermediate or sinking. I store the rest of my lines (various sinking) on their original spools and boxes and change once or twice a year for a special trip.


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                  lewdogg, some of us just aren't that organized and need every trick out there. Jim


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                    That was easy to understand the way you explained it and the pictures put it all together. Thanks Kent.


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                      Dashes and dots is what I've always used. Just skip that section when you clean or treat the line or you may erase it down to real faint marks. Silicone seems to dissolve the ink. The marks also fade over time--then you just cut off the marked section and remark a new section ( after re-tieing your permanent leader butt or braided butt section back on). It wud be nice if all the mfrs. wud mark their lines with printed data like Cortland did on their Lazerlines.


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                        I just remember mine as well. I know guys that use the lines on the line with a sharpie. I have had stickers swell up and goop up the reel. Competing I only use one line and its always the same. So I only need to know about 6-7 different reels.

                        In my lake reel box I have about 9 different lines for lakes but I use airflo lines and I know the colors

                        green type 3

                        blue type 5

                        black type 7 and so on....not to bad.
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                          It wud be nice if all the mfrs. wud mark their lines with printed data like Cortland did
                          Only thing is then I have to put on my glasses to read that fine print. The marks I can see easily even in low light.

                          Lewdogg, just sounds like you don't have enough equipment to me.

                          Not many of us as sharp as you - tell me how you differentiate between WF & DT on 4 wt....
                          Fly Fish GA


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                            In my case it doesn't matter as I have no DT line. Furthermore I don't have anything less than a 5wt and only a couple of those. However, I posed the question because I suspect a bunch here do.

                            Best I can come up with is to just tie an overhand knot in the line either behind or in front of the marks. Of course, for those unfamiliar with the overhand knot, a different colored sharpie might be almost as good. Although you do have to deal with that fading and low light issue whereas it's pretty hard to miss that knot.

                            Glad I could help. Jim


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                              Line weights

                              I just take a small strip of paper and write the line weight on It with a sharpie. Then I scotch tape it to the rod side of the reel mount. Or, if I have multiple spools, I do the same in the inside of the spool. It holds up better than you might think. Sometimes I have to trim the tape to keep it inside the edges of the reel seat.


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                                I have the Grey's cartridge reel with extra spools and it has a spool marking system for your lines. My nymph reels are easy to remember.

                                You gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie.