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Fall/Winter Backpacking & Fishing Pants

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  • Fall/Winter Backpacking & Fishing Pants

    Anyone have suggestions on soft-shell pants to wear during the cooler fall/warmer winter days (with or without a base layer underneath) while hiking/backpacking in to spots to go fishing?

    I want something that will slick the occasional rain water off (doesn't need to be waterproof) and perhaps has a fleece lining to keep me warm while sitting around camp in the evenings. They also need to be good for wearing under waders.

    I'm a 'try before I buy' kind of I want to get some opinions before going to market. I'm currently looking at the following but am open to any manufacturer that stands behind their product. Willing to pay for quality that lasts:

    Thanks, y'all.

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    might want to think about a pair of merino wool or capaline long johns in conjunction with A pair of lighter pants.
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      I think hiking pants are like boats. You can't find one to do everything you want it to do. Patagonia makes wonderful stuff and I also like North Face, ExOfficio and Columbia. I'm sure the REI brand would be good also.


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        Originally posted by ferrulewax View Post
        might want to think about a pair of merino wool or capaline long johns in conjunction with A pair of lighter pants.
        I agree with ferrulewax. I have spent a lot of time outdoors most of my life and I have found that I like to wear layers in the cooler months, especially if I'm going to be involved a variety of levels of physical activity. If you're planning on hiking, sitting, and wading all in one trip, then you may want to consider using two layers: a base layer (either synthetic or wool, not cotton since cotton loses it's warming properties once it gets wet) and an outer layer (again, either synthetic or wool, not cotton).

        As far as base layers go, my favorite by far is the Varitherm line of tops and bottoms. They're really cheap when compared to other synthetic base layers and their quality is just as good as a $100 Icebreaker base layer - I can speak from experience as I own both. The Varitherms are ultra comfortable, vary breathable, and super warm. Save your money and get Varitherm base layers. They sell light weight, mid-weight, and heavy weight base layers. (You can get them much cheaper at Amazon. I would have linked the product page there but this forum has a lame feature where it replaces your embedded link with a picture of the product.)

        As far as your outer layer goes, again, consider going synthetic or wool rather than cotton.

        In the end, don't get hung up on brands or price. Neither is an absolute indicator of quality.
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          Appreciate the info! If I do end up finding the perfect pair, I'll let y'all know.

          A good job layering is the ticket to fall/winter comfort, agreed. I will definitely look in to Varitherms, Trouter23. I have been wearing smart wool bottoms and an Under Armour cold gear top under my gear for the last couple years and find them to do an adequate job but not outstanding.

          I've read some good reviews of Columbia's omni-heat gear and might give that a shot!