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    So for a Christmas gift, my step mom got me a post fly box subscription. I got 6 months doubled up (2 of each pattern totaling 24 flies per month) as well as a tacky day back, tungsten putty and some shake 'n bake (which shipped separately from the flies).

    Here's the box that I found in my mailbox:


    When I opened the box, I got a little newsletter which told the names of all the flies I received and even some tips for how to use them (the one for the October Caddis was one of the most helpful in my opinion). I also got a sticker for post fly box that is in the shape of an insect I can't identify, caddis maybe? Finally, I got to the flies themselves. They were in a small white box rattling around, one suggestion Id like to make is to maybe have them in a piece of foam but it dosent really matter. Here's a picture of all the flies corresponding with the fly identification chart:


    The flies in the box were all caddis patterns and appeared to be very high quality and looked very realistic and buggy. My personal favorite was a tie between the October Caddis (Number 9 on the chart) and the Psyco Caddis (Number 5 on the chart). Here's an up close picture of the flies:


    For blue lining I think that the GTI Caddis (Number 3), the Elk Hair Caddis, which 4 were provided in 2 different colors are always a great fly for blue lining and the Tent Wing Caddis (Number 12) will be good for the dry on a smaller dry dropper rig!

    The Final Verdict: Overall I would give Postfly Box 5 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this company as a gift or for yourself! It is a great way to try out new patterns with very high quality flies!

    High quality flies
    Fly identification chart
    The sticker was a nice added bonus

    Little to none, the only suggestion I would offer is to secure the hooks in styrofoam in the package but it really doesn't matter that much.

    Thanks, and tight lines,


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    Interesting. I've never seen such a thing. But that is a pretty sweet gift I must say. Thank for sharing and hopefully youll be able to pull some trout with those puppies.


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      Nice! How much for the subscription?
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        I think it depends. I can't tell from memory sorry about that. You could just go on their website, Google post fly box and it'll come up!


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          Now that almost a year has past do you still recommend this product? I received a 3 month subscription but won't receive my first box until December.


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            Here is a subscription for anyone who wants to learn the hatches in their given geographical location and matches the hatch instead of sending out flies that are ascetic to the fisherman so eye! They also do gift packs and saltwater flies. I've used their subscriptions from the Keys to blue lines in the Appalachians.
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