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    Originally posted by Sam_MTB View Post
    Just got the email saying these are available, if anyone has been waiting in line. Use promo code "shoemaker" for 10% off.
    Man, I really should have checked here before purchasing mine! Oh well, Iím just happy the wait is over.
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      I got my epiphany last week and was able to rush to the river for about an hour and a half Friday. While I don’t have much experience with euro nymphing rods this thing fished excellent! I was worried that the new rod with its soft tip and extra length was going to take some getting used to but I hooked a stocker within the first few casts. The extra foot and a half really helped my reach and accuracy. The cork was really nice! The soft tip definitely aided in strike detection.
      I really look forward to giving it some more extensive use Sunday when I get back to town.
      On a side note, I definitely got the vibe that they wanted my business. I’m a sucker for free additions, and before it was over I ended up with a sticker, a hat, and the extra tip section.
      I would not hesitate to purchase another rod from them.
      Fly tying instagram @erikclymore


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        Man I'm glad you like the new rod!
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