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Need advice on a lightweight, breathable rain jackrt

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  • Need advice on a lightweight, breathable rain jackrt

    Iím very warm natured and breathabilty is just as important as the jacketís water repellence. Thanks in advance!

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    I have been very pleased with Frog Togs. I bought mine on a whim but didn't really expect much. I have been very pleasantly surprised with it. It keeps me dry and doesn't soak me with sweat from within.
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      Originally posted by Swamp Angel View Post
      I have been very pleased with Frog Togs. I bought mine on a whim but didn't really expect much. I have been very pleasantly surprised with it. It keeps me dry and doesn't soak me with sweat from within.
      Is that the Hellbender wading jacket? Itís one of the most reasonably priced.


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        Marmot Precip

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          X2 w/marmot
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            marmot precip, patagonia torrentshell (my personal fav), REI store brand equivalent. Basically any jacket at that level ($60-$120) will work great, the differences are mainly going to be fit, color, and details (pocket placement, cut, etc).
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              add Cabelas Goretex Pac-light to the above list. I bought mine 2 years ago from their bargain cave, best rain jacket that I have ever had.


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                LL Bean

                I had this LL Bean for about two years - worked great. Goretex; $199; and could be stowed in my sling pack. I didn't use it much - but the few times I needed it (mostly in Yellowstone where the weather changes so quickly), it was an absolute life saver. I lost it a few months ago, but the same coat will be on a my x-mas list.


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                  I have the marmot mica and itís great. It only weighs 7oz and packs itself into its own pocket. Thus far itís been water proof but I havenít tested it in a downpour. But Iíve fished with it in a steady rain and itís held up great.


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                    Used the Pre-Cip Jacket since 2001...

                    I would go with and have been using the Marmot Precip for years for day to day river and mountain use whether trout fishing or rock climbing. They retail new for $100 but I guarantee you can find stock in your size from previous seasons for $30-50. I would not go with spending more money on some Gore-Tex as I dont get that upset if I puncture the Precip jacket; just throw a patch on and you are good. Gore you can do the same thing but it's always a more expensive jacket so I figure why waste the investment. Some of the other gear such as the Frog Toggs and Cabela's stuff is good gear but after literally taking a Pre-cip jacket ALL over the country in all weather conditions for both working on cell tower sites, climbing or fishing and it' rugged simplicity and price point cannot be beat. Check out Sierra Trading Post, Steep and Cheap and other discount sites. Go to REI and try them on and once you find the size look online. Guarantee you will be amazed at how cheap that gear is!

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                      phil, I feel the same about my Patagucci Torrentshell.
                      That and the Precip are basically the same jacket, so it comes down to which colors and pocket arrangement you like more, or which fits you better or is on sale. They are both awesome and great deals when on sale. I got my first torrentshell in 2007 and wore it in Korea, Japan and all over the US in all kinds of weather. Only got rid of it (sold for $50 on ebay after all that) to get a bigger one. The breathable material on these jackets will keep good for years, just wash it every now and then, needs to "pores" in the fabric to be cleaned out.
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