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  • Shoe Horn

    I bought a 24" shoe horn. OMG what a difference getting wading boots on.
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    Love me a good shoehorn BB. Donít use mine so much for shoes but I do use it everyday.

    Remember not too long ago w had a horse headed shoehorn and I used to see them all the time in peopleís homes. Was always fascinated with them for some reason. Wonder what the significance of shoe horns and horses are. Probably something with horseshoes. Donít see those around anymore tho.
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      If this is going to start a stampede of folks looking for shoe horns, go to the handicap equipment stores. My wife has a all metal with foam plastic grip shoe horn. People with hip replacements are not supposed to bend over far enough to put on most shoes.
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        This is a great idea. I just checked Amazon and there are several listed with good reviews.