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  • UL Spin/finesse fishing

    Do any of yall use UL spin setups for trout or creek bass?

    I'm mostly tenkara with a little fly usage, but a friend here in Japan (i'm on vacation) gifted me some really nice lures because he thought i was already spin fishing as well.

    So.... i'm about to order a rod and reel (Daiwa UL stuff) from to get started, along with some fancy 4# nylon mono as well... Will change the trebels out for single hook (barbless). Will be throwing 1-3g lures.
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    ISO: just started to get spencer back into this. He loves it and the fight, on ultralight gear, is a lot like tenkara. Be warned if you hook into a biggun... it can end badly like a broken rod, like we did on the hood pond. Got ourselves a little BPS TinyLite, tossed out a Crickehopper and after catching about 50 panfish of various species he hooked into a decent bass. The rod has been abused and snapped right above the second guide. He still landed the fish, by hand, but ... just be warned... there are limits.

    Good luck; and good hearing from you!
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      While growing up I spent many hours trout fishing with an UL..The weapon of choice my Dad set me up with was a 4'6" Fenwick fiberglass, and we never used any line more than 4#, in fact usually 2#..Tossing a spinner was always very successful (Panther Martin, Rooster Tails)..Several years ago I was on assignment in WV and the local stream that was stocked with trout, also held a nice population of various smaller bass (redeye, smallmouth, largemouth) and the same lures /tactics for the trout worked for the bass..It's a whole lotta fun..I don't use the spinning outfit for trout these days, but still have many fond memories..Good luck!
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        Melissa and I started out trout fishing with UL set ups. I think it took me a year or more to make the switch to a fly rod. Until last Saturday, I hadn't used a UL rod for trout, but happened to have one in the boat from fishing Lanier the previous day.

        Rain caught up with us and we hunkered down in the boat under Abbotts Bridge with a bunch of soaked 'tubers all around us. We were right up against the pilings so I couldn't back cast, and the current was preventing me from getting a decent roll cast going, so I switched out to the UL and began tossing 1/4 oz Panther Martin spinners into the flow and bringing them slowly across the current letting them drift down stream a bit and then swinging back up. Seemed that I got a hit at the end of nearly every swing when the upstream retrieve started. Caught a limit in about a dozen casts. (I guess the conditions were just about as right as right could be.)

        Yeah, you'll have plenty of fun with an ultra lite, and yes, you CAN land some big fish with it. Melissa caught a 14-pound catfish a couple years ago out of Lanier on a 5'-0" UL with 6-pound line. You just have to make sure your drag is set so you don't break the line.

        As a matter of fact, I'm heading to the 'Hooch right after church today and I'll be carrying both the fly rods and an Ultra Lite with Panther Martins.

        Get out there and try that UL. You'll love it!
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          My favorite rig growing up was a Zebco UL-4 spinning reel on a Berkeley Lighting rod. I caught a ton of trout with that rig. I just loved that under-hanging closed face trigger spin reel.
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            Post up when you swap the trebles out. Ive been meaning to play around with that on some jerkbaits to see if the hookup ratios would get better.

            Driving 100% of the hookset energy into 1 point of contact should set better than 50 or 33%, youd think.