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TFO Drift - Any Word?

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  • TFO Drift - Any Word?

    Has anyone on here seen, touched, casted, or fished the TFO Drift 3wt. nymphing rod? I've had my eye on it for the better part of a year and find myself chomping at the bit to pull the trigger on it at the moment. Just wanted to know if someone had a critical review of it and its capabilites/shortfalls.

    I'm currently deciding between this rod and a 10' 4wt. to compliment the 8'6" 5 wt. I've been slinging for the last 9 years. I've decided I owe myself an upgrade but am hesitant that the convertible 3wt Drift might be undergunned when it comes to throwing a double dropper rig under an indicator or the occasional small streamer. At the same time it just looks too cool to be able to fish as a 9', 10', 11'3" or 12'3" rod - I love the idea of plinking around with it in different configurations...especially the micro spey.