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7' 3wt reel seat

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  • 7' 3wt reel seat

    I am replacing my 7' 3wt reel seat. What is a good length for a cork handle. I want to use an unlocking reel seat.

    Thank you

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    Depends on the size of your hands I guess. My hands are large and I usually can't get them into X Large size gloves. So I don't like any grip less than 7 inches long and prefer a diameter a bit on the large size and not the skinny grips. What length is the grip you are replacing ? If you liked it go with the same. If it was too short move up a bit. I think you can get preformed fly rod grips from 6 to 7 1/2 " long.


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      TOM comes with the common sense again. Since you already have the rod you can form your own opinion about what you would want.

      Personally, I think of a standard grip for a 9 footer to be 7". For a shorter rod with proportionate reel I prefer a slightly shorter grip down to about 6.25-6.5". I find that the countering weight of the reel is more apparent on the shorter rod and my hand normally finds its way down closer to the reel. This is all assuming a graphite rod, the equation changes a bit for a fiberglass or bamboo rod.
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