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Custom nymphing rod - round 2

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  • Custom nymphing rod - round 2

    Finally got around to photographing this rod. This is the second of a pair I made for a neighbor and his son. I took him out to give it a test drive and some coaching on the technique. So, as I was going through the key points of how to euro-nymph I happen to catch a little brown on the first drift. He looked at me like I was Superman. I told him, "that's just how easy it can be with this technique". Well, I'll be darned if he didn't go and follow suit and catch one on his first drift through the same run. I threw my hands up , said "you got it from here" and left him to it. He went on to catch 4 or 5 in maybe 1.5 hours so I think he does get it. Good mojo on this rod!

    This is a 10.5', 2wt, 4 pc. It is ultra high modulus, nano-resin, Toray carbon fiber/graphite. This rod was done in blue with tan highlights on the olive bronze blank (I've never seen this color blank).

    The grip is stabilized, blue dyed burl maple with curly maple accents. I turned the handle and reel seats myself after glue-up of inlays.

    Other side of the grip has a some birdseyes in an orange/gold color. I love finding this sort of thing in wood turning. You never know what the interior is going to show.

    The seat insert is made to match the grip.

    I did a simple diamond for the butt wrap.

    The single foot guides were done with a 5 turn thread inlay. I did the ferrule wraps the same but with 10 turns.

    Another lucky guy. This turned out to be a very attractive rod.
    These brook trout will strike any fly you present, provided you don't get close enough to present it.
    -- Dick Blalock

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    Beautiful rod. Glad you made sure it was a fishing rod.


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      Super slick looking stick. Great job as always Kurt.

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        Love your wraps.


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          Beautiful rod. You did an amazing job. How long have you been making rods?


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            I made my first rod in 2010. Been doing several per year since.
            These brook trout will strike any fly you present, provided you don't get close enough to present it.
            -- Dick Blalock


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              Beautiful rod. I don't think I have seen one of yours that didn't look great!
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                Beautiful rod!