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Need help understanding what boat I need

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  • Need help understanding what boat I need

    Ok, NGTO, I need some help. I will come right out and admit that I have no real experience with a boat on the river. I have used a kayak on the river but didn't like paddling through the ultra slow sections of the river or going *** over apple carts and losing all my gear.

    I really want a boat that I can use anywhere on the river but I'm not sure what it the best type of boat for each area of the river. I understand that the river from the Dam to McGinnis is different from McGinnis down.

    I like the Gheenoe or Towee boats but have never been in one. I'm not sure if this type of boat can handle the few rapids we have or if I would flip it. I like the idea of a drift boat if it can be used more places with a small trolling motor or small motor for slow spots.

    I know I'm looking for something that I can eventually fit 3 people on comfortably (kids and/or wife), that I can fish on the river or any river in North Georgia, and it needs to be stable.

    Any thoughts would be great. I'd be willing to pay for gas/time etc. if someone is willing to take a rookie out and show me the difference in boats or explain the different uses. Reading about it and experiencing it is something entire different.

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    Once you go into the motor boat world, you're going to limit some of the areas where you can go. There are spots where you just won't be able to get past easily or at all. But you can keep a yak for the times when you really want to fish those sections.

    I see plenty of small to medium sized jon boats around Abbott's to McGinnis. I also see a lot of Gheenoe style boats around. You can find both jon and Gheenoe that will hold three people. Although the Gheenoe is better with two, I have had 4 in mine several times. The kids are a little cramped but the boat does fine.

    I would look at a tunnel hull if you go jon boat just to give you a little more clearance. Tom has a Townee and really likes it. It's pretty tough too. As for stability, all are pretty stable. I stand in my Gheenoe with little fear of flipping the boat. I will let others chime in on the stability of their boats.

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      I have a Towee and I love it. Drive any boat before you buy it. Here are some things to consider....
      Do you fish with a buddy or two frequently?
      Does it need to be salt water capable?
      And quite a few others.
      Definitely take a boat safety course and know the laws and rules. Rely heavily on boat knowledgeable friends to show you the ropes.
      I think a jon boat might work for you as well.


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        I'd personally try out several different types of boats before buying one for river use. Not all rivers and boats are created equal.

        I'm as busy as a windmill in a tornado right now, but if you want to try out a drift boat in late Sept. or October, just let me know. It won't cost you a dime.

        I know where you can catch some fish too.
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          I went through the same type of analysis and went with a Towee. We were using my buddies Riverhawk 15ft original (same as Ghennoe) for a few years it was great but definitely has limitations. Go see my post for asking about using a riverhawk as a 3 man drift one seemed to think it was a the safest idea or best option for fishing more than 2 grown men. Towee is a Swiss Army knife. The rowing frame covers your need to have drift boat functionality. I have taken it on Lanier a few times with a trolling motor and functions well as a bass boat. Lastly after going out with Trouty Mouth I saw how well it does with a push pole in shallow water for carp. Planning to take mine for low country trip this fall. Very versitle boat that does everything pretty well. Check out the recent Gink and Gasoline post on water crafts for their write up as well!