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Boat investment! Is a flycraft reasonable?

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    If your max budget is 4000 I think you have plenty of options. The big question is where are you planning to use this thing? I've fished out of a 14 foot raft with frame with 3 people on the Hiwassee tailwater and the etowah near cartersville. On the hiwassee it was great, on the etowah it left something to be desired... a motor. I've been debating on a boat for a year or so now and have finally come to the conclusion that Im building a drift boat with a jon boat coming soon after that. Those fly crafts look ok, but for that much money you could have a full size raft that will comfortably handle 3 people. But if you plan on fishing around atlanta for species other than trout, a jon boat will always win out for comfort, function and convenience. Not to mention it opens up the lakes on calm days

    Edit: Didn't even address the gheenoe option because thats another great choice. I'll just add that if you're considering the raft option don't overlook buying just a raft and building your own frame. That option can save you thousands of dollars
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