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Do Homemade Kayak Stabilizers work?

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  • Do Homemade Kayak Stabilizers work?

    I would love to be able to stand up in my kayak, so I am considering building some homemade pvc stabilizers/outriggers. I have watched tons of youtube videos on guys that have done this, read up on it quite a bit, but the question still lingers: Does it actually work?

    As in, do they create a truly more stable boat against capsizing?

    Anyone with first hand experience?

    My main concern is this thing I read about homemade/cheap kayak outriggers basically providing more 'primary' stability (which makes you feel more confident/sturdy when standing), but doing nothing for secondary stability (which is when the kayak flips). Lets be clear, that is the opposite of the goal here.

    Anyone with some sort of kayak stability/buoyancy knowledge, your input would be much appreciated!

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    I bought the Hobie outrigger kit a few years ago and have a fished 100+ trips with them. Not once have I felt like I could fall out while standing and fly fishing. They look a little goofy but they work great and are well worth the price for the complete set up.