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Motoring from Metlock or McGinnis to Settles

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  • Motoring from Metlock or McGinnis to Settles

    Gentlemen and Ladies

    Can you tell me if it is possible to motor from the McGinnis or Metlock boat ramps up to Settles Bridge. I'm in my stealthcraft sniper with a 4hp motor. Thoughts?

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    In a word, no. That is too little power to make a couple of tough spots with heavy current, or to run on high water, and your prop will also limit you in a few shallow, rocky spots. That doesn't even cover the drop at the fish weir up by Settles, or the numerous sneaker rocks that want to kill your prop.

    You mostly need to stay on plane, and know exactly where you are going, to make that run.

    The tug is the drug!

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      You can always try to drop in at Settles if you have a couple strong fishing partners for the day. I'd probably heed the above advice about motoring though. It's a little stressful getting up that way with a jet on low water and on high water, not sure a 4hp would do the trick.