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chine repair on a driftboat

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  • chine repair on a driftboat

    Any suggestions on how to repair chines on a driftboat? I have a couple of these spots on the new to me drifter:

    I assume that I grind down the edges, then fill, then topcoat with epoxy (possible with another layer of glass, if needed).

    Anybody have some links to a picture tutorial or youtube video?

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    Yeah you'll probably want to cut a patch of glass or use chopped strand filled epoxy

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      Grind / Sand out the damaged gel coat and glass with heavy grit paper.

      Fill your dished out hole with a couple layers of fiberglass mat and resin, sand smooth with 80 grit.

      Mix more epoxy with fairing compound (basically bondo) and apply to repair area, sand smooth.

      Prime then paint.

      Or you could just grind it out, Marine Tex it, then spray paint it because you are going to bust up your chines again anyway.