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Trolling Motor on a Kayak

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  • Trolling Motor on a Kayak

    Any of you running the river with a trolling motor on your kayak?

    I'm wondering if a trolling motor will be strong enough to push a kayak upstream. I've got a Nucanoe frontier 12 and have a 30lb MinnKota.

    Also, what batteries are you using?

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    I personally have never seen a kayak with a trolling motor. But if you do pursue this, keep in mind that the moment you attach your trolling motor to your kayak, you will have to register and sticker your kayak with the state.
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      I had a trolling motor on a canoe years ago. It was a 16 foot square stern model with a 30lb thrust motor. With myself and my pre-teen son at the time it’d move us upstream, but we were not going anywhere quick. Had to get out an every shoal and drag it thru as the motor wasn’t strong enough. I had a pretty good size battery, maybe a 27 or 29.

      For a kayak I’d imagine with a little paddling you’d get thru most shoals. Just be mindful of the extra weight it may get a little tippy in faster water. You’d be fine in the slower sections.

      Always motored upstream and float back as it was not fun paddling that thing. We’d go as far as the attention span would allow and float/fish back to the ramp.
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        I recently talked to a guy at the abbotts ramp who had one of the sweetest rigs I’ve ever seen. I believe it was a feelfree lure. He had taken the seat out and had the trolling motor mounted at a height where he could easily steer while standing. He was standing and Fishing floating downstream when I saw him, so I don’t know exactly how speedy it was motoring against current.
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          I have a Nucanoe Frontier. If you wanted to go the trolling motor route, you’d be better off going with a 55lb thrust motor. It should handle the shoals better. I had a 2.5hp outboard on mine for a bit, and used it to putter around the lake and on the Hooch. But, I got tired of lugging it around and realized that I was trying to make the yak into something it is not. I now enjoy the peace and quiet of paddling, plus the good shoulder and back workout.

          They do make pedal drives for the Frontier, but not sure that would be ideal for a rocky river like the Hooch.


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            Yeah...I would buy a Gheenoe/Riverhawk if I had a place to keep it, but I'm currently renting a place where I couldn't keep one. I'm thinking if I can get up/down the river a bit with a trolling motor it'll make it a lot easier to get out and fish (not having to uber or have 2 cars) and wont be too terribly expensive.