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Cool Boats--Built in Woodstock, Ga

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  • Cool Boats--Built in Woodstock, Ga

    Found these on Ebay a while back. Guy in Woodstock that builds some cool boats and other things---tables, benches, buoys, cricket boxes. Says he will build any boat to your plans. Appears to be very accomplished wood wright. No connection here. Don't know him, just admire his work.

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    That is some impressive craftsmanship right there. His jon boats are gorgeous, wonder if he has been commissioned to build a drift boat as of yet?

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      That guy used to kick around as an ogeechee river boat builder. Looks like he's expanded some.

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        Those are good looking boats! You know, we had a boat on our farm pond when I was growing up that looked a lot like some of these. My dad found it somewhere. Was wood, had a live well, very easy to paddle, stable. Of course, like most things my age, it deteriorated over the years but I'll always wonder who built that great fishing boat. Oh, and we also had an Old Town canvas and wood canoe that I could kick myself over not realizing what it was and allowing it to rot in the mud. I probably had 50 years under my belt before I became smart enough to realize there are some things that just need to be preserved.
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