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Can you use heavy weight rods for lighter fish?

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  • Can you use heavy weight rods for lighter fish?

    Basically, I got thinking today about rod weights. I typically catch trout on a 4wt and it can be a struggle when trying to land bigger trout (not that I hook them often).

    What stops someone from using, let's say, a 6 weight or 8 weight for trout?

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    If you hooked this 38 pound 7 oz White River Arkansas Brown Trout you would appreciate having an 8 weight in your hand. https://www.adventuresportsnetwork.c...d-brown-trout/


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      A 6/8wt will handle heavier fish and will cast bushier and bigger streamers better than your 4wt. But its a tradeoff when it comes to smaller fish. No fun with fish less than 12 inches.

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        If I fish private water with larger trout then a 6 weight is practically mandatory. And itís better for the trout to land em quickly.


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          Yes. 40 years ago 6 weight was considered an all around Trout rod...


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            what about a 5wt


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              I always bring a 5wt, 8wt, and medium action/3000 reel combo on my boat on the hooch. I nymph with the 5, streamer fish with the 8 and jerk bait fish the spin gear. Catching the same fish all around. Tying into a good size fish isnít a big deal. Itís nice to hear the reel sing every once in a while. But a medium action spinning rod with 30 lb braid handles upper slot reds no problem. Try this. Tie a scale to the wall or some kind of anchor point. The kind with a maxout weight indicator so you donít have to be there reading it(or have a friend read it. Tie on a 4 lb tippet to your leader and the scale and give the scale your best side pressure pull. Youíre not going to find trout that match up to that weight in GA waters very often.

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                When throwing streamers on weighted line all day, you'll appreciate the 8 weight.


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                  When fishing Buford Dam my two go-to rods are the Hardy Zenith 6 weight one-piece and the Orvis Superfine Touch 9' 6 weight. Why a 6 weight? First I use a float tube and casting and catching is easier with a 6 weight while sitting in the tube. Also you can get some wind at the Dam and the 6 weight handles the wind just fine. Both 6 weights have a great deal of feel but a good blend of power. 'Also my preferred fishing technique is dry dropper and the 6 weight fits that technique just fine. For larger water, I think these 6 weights are great.
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