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    I'm needing to buy some flies and am not a wealthy man. I have seen numerous discount fly websites... any thoughts on which are good to go with based on experiences? Thanks.

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    I tye all mine except for dry flies which I can't seem to get the hackle right. I ordered drys from for .84 each. I got exactly what I paid for, discount durability and discount quality for a discount price. I've heard good reports about one of our sponsors Caylor Custom Flies, I've looked thru his online store and his prices aren't bad and from the reports on NGTO his quality is good
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      First off, welcome to NGTO! I am not sure one necessarily needs to be wealthy to be able to afford quality hand tied flies? I encourage you to consider supporting our sponsors with your business, but there are certainly many sources out there for obtaining fishing flys on the cheap. Best of luck in your quest.
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        I've tried some of the discount shops and Caylor. Hands down Caylor's flies are better. You can't get much cheaper honestly and get a product that you'd want to fish. If you consider durability and time taken to retie a fly, a quality fly will actually serve you better than a discount fly will.

        The only exception to that that I have found is if you're fishing in what I consider hazardous waters, lots of low hanging limbs and underwater obstructions. In that case, I'd rather break off a cheap fly than an expensive one.

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          Originally posted by Da Da's Fishing View Post
          I've tried some of the discount shops and Caylor. Hands down Caylor's flies are better.
          DD F
          I will second this. Great flies at an even better price. And Roger has been excellent to deal with. He helped me out big time on my last two last minute orders.


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            Yep, Caylors has my vote. Good quality, good price, and everytime I get flies from them I always seem to get an extra fly thrown in.