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    Hey guys,

    I need some help and advice. My dad is gonna be in town in a few weeks and we really want to go fishing together as we used to all the time when I was younger but havent gotten to in years. I cant afford to go buy a new fly rod for him to use so he will be bringing his lightweight spinner to join. I want him to fish with me but it still to be sporting. Im assuming I can give him corn or a gulp or powerbait and he will catch 50 stockers. My question is what should he use to maybe target bigger fish and keep our numbers a lil more even. haha. Seems I see pictures of a lot of inline spinners or other bladed jigs. Thanks for any advice anyone has for me, you guys rock!!
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    When I fish for trout on ultralight spinning gear I use trout magnets with a little BB shot up the line about 12 inches.


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      Just quick reg reminder; if you plan to fish any of the Delayed Harvest waters with him, then the power bait / corn are not allowed (artificial lures only for DH fish). Also, his spinners will need to be single hook spinners. You can buy single hook spinners, or you can simply snip off two of the three hooks on the treble hook of a traditional spinning lure.
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        awesome thanks for the advice. I will fish DH with him and try to get him his first trout. We are from florida so salt fishers only. Also wont be doing corn or powerbait like i said i want it to be sporting! Thats why I ask about baits to target bigger fish for him and keep the numbers reasonable. We have both fished enough in our life for it not to be the most fun for him to just go crush the stockers with an easy bait.
        If fishing is religion, Fly Fishing is high church.

        -Tom Brokaw-


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          When I spinfished, this lure was my favorite. In my opinion even better than Panther Martins.

          I have used every color except the firetiger. Slowly bend in 2 of the hooks to make it DH legal.
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            I would suggest 1/16 oz inline spinners, I prefer Rooster Tails, gold blade over silver and they will catch bif trout.

            I would recommend 4-lb line with a fairly limber rod (think slower action). Lures will run deeper with lighter line. With a decent drag setting 4-lb will catch big fish particularly with proper rod action.

            Good luck. Might want to suggest some of the year round stream, non-DH, options as well. Chatooga above DH section might be worth a try.


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              Snipping two of a treble's hooks will work, but I never trusted that small remaining hook.

              Bass Pro Shop in Duluth/Lawrenceville usually stocks Roostertail single hook spinners in size 1/16oz. That larger single hook works great.

              Panther Martin sells single-hooked versions online. For general trout fishing, I loved a 1/8oz size.

              Plan "C" -
              Buy plain spinners, and Dremol tool the treble off the shaft.
              Add a small split-ring.
              Install a size 6 hook.

              Plan "D" -
              As above, but add hackle to the naked hook. Use stiff, cheap hackle and it will make the hook nearly snag-free!

              Plan "E" -
              As Plan "C", but use flies instead of a bare hook! We all have tons of flies that we would never tie on........get some use out of the flies your mom gave you last Christmas!

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                Walmart used to carry a couple ( I mean two) in line Mepps spinners with a single hook that were deadly on the Dh. One a bit of yellow in the tail and the other a plain cadis/red slash.I think they still have them.
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                  Blue fox vibrax spinners in 1 or 2 maybe a 3 if really deep. Swap out the trebles for single and sit back and watch him out catch you
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           can grind the barb off with a 5/32 or 7/32 Dremel bit designed for sharpening chain saw blades...

                    ...or get some of these,


                    ...remove the hook that comes with whatever spinner you want to use, be it Rooster Tail, Panther Martin, or Joe's Fly,and attach a ready-made barbless single hook...meets DH regs.




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                      Originally posted by natureman View Post
                      When I fish for trout on ultralight spinning gear I use trout magnets with a little BB shot up the line about 12 inches.


                      X2 on this. VERY effective.

                      I have also used Y2K's under the trout magnet float. Once the yarn gets soaked, there's enough weight to cast it if you're using light line.

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                        Spin Bait for DH

                        It has been a long time since I did this, but I recall almost all spinner baits carry their hook, single or treble, on a split ring attachment at the tail of the bait. I would just take off the treble and thread a single onto the split ring and be ready to go. Side note, this also allows the use of a smaller hook and I think better hook up ratios. It is a lot easier to debard a hook on the bench in the vise than stream side.


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                          Thanks for all the help guys. Can't wait to go fishing with my dad for he first time in over five years!!
                          If fishing is religion, Fly Fishing is high church.

                          -Tom Brokaw-


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                            To Johnkies point. There is a gadget called Circle Pliers available at most tackle stores. It makes the circle rings easier to handle when changing out hooks. Also called split ring pliers


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                              Look, put a casting float on his spin rig and throw flies...Y2K's...san juan worms...put a split shot on it get it down...