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    Go to this web site and scroll down to the videos and you will see lots of people standing and fishing.
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      Originally posted by groundpounder View Post
      I do. It might have been a little iffy feeling when I first got my kayak but with time the more and more comfortable you get. Haven't fallen out yet. To each their own! If your not comfortable with it then I definitely would not do it. A drag chain can help with keeping the kayak positioned pointed downstream and at a slower pace. Rougher or faster water I'm sitting down. Its just what I've gotten comfortable with. Drag chains can be a whole other topic with kayak safety! Some love them, some hate them. Know you and your boats capabilities.

      I believe it was you I saw wade across a stained Hooch one afternoon at Island Ford like you were walking down a sidewalk. If so, I would say that you definitely have the balance thing down and could stand in a Kayak


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        If you are still deciding, I recommend giving the Nucanoe a look. It is very stable available in length from 10 ft. to 13 ft. with the new Pursuit model. There is a salt / fresh water guide in Sarasota that uses them exclusively. My 10 ft. fits in the back of my Ranger very well and there is a good choice of accessories, especially seat styles that appeal to me. They have a standing stability bar for standing and casting as an accessory.
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          Originally posted by Drifter View Post
          My balance sucks....but with a couple of shots of Maker' greatly improves. I tried to stand up and get a picture of this six-foot shark circling EG's kayak and almost fell on the dam thing.

          I would have been rowing faster than a motor. I would only have been standing up to run across the top of the water.


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            Originally posted by Riverpirate View Post
            Look at the kayaks being designed today. Standing is not over rated.
            Perhaps that is too strong a term. Highly subjective is really what I meant to emphasize. At 6', 215 lbs and not a gifted athlete, I need a stable boat to really stand and fish. The boat I have is 25-30 lbs lighter than the lightest boat that I could be comfortable standing and fishing from. I drag or carry my boat over land for hundreds of feet on most trips and cover 10 miles paddling or so. For a lot of the fishing I do I'm wading and dragging the kayak. When in the boat I'm often fishing moving water in the wind. The benefits of standing are seeing fish farther out, making longer casts, and because it's more comfortable to stand and cast. However, if you're sitting down fish will get closer, so you don't have to cast as far. One place where standing might benefit me is on the grass flats, but I won't add 30 lbs to my daily driver just for that. I usually wade on the grass flats anyway. I know I'm not going to paddle 8-10 miles standing up in my kayak, so I will have to be going from standing to sitting at least a handful of times. I'll have to switch between paddling and fishing frequently. My experience, quite limited, is that these transitions take a small but significant toll over the long haul, both in terms of physical effort and in terms of effective fishing. But like I said, these preferences are personal.

            I have looked at the Predators and without doubt they are one of the best fishing platforms around. Kudos on such an excellent design. I like the higher seats of new fishing kayaks, and all the fishing-specific modifications. My biggest problem with most new tricked out fishing designs is the weight.



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              I primarily fish from an NRS inflatable SUP. It does take some getting used to but if you like standing up and fishing they can make great platforms. Mostly use it on still waters for bass and on flats for carp and saltwater species. I float rivers too but I usually get out and wade when I want to fish.

              Mine is setup with a cooler and milk crate to hold all my gear. plus the front and back of the board have bungee lacing so I can hold as much stuff as I need (although I try to pack light). Never had any issues with losing stuff yet. One drawback of a SUP is your body acts like a sail, so wind pushes you around a lot more than in a kayak. To offset I got a drift sock for deeper water and a stake out pole for flats fishing.
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                Originally posted by groundpounder View Post
                I love my Jackson Coosa. I have removed the foot pegs and the majority of the rod keeper and paddle keeper bungees and hooks. I found I never used them and it cleaned the platform of the kayak off. This made stripping my line at my feet much more tangle free for the line to not get snagged on anything. I leave my seat in the high position for better visibility but I still stand the majority of my time.
                Love my Coosa too and I know I'm gonna love it a lot more when I make all the above changes--thank you, sir!!!