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Water gremlin vs Dinsmores?

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  • Water gremlin vs Dinsmores?

    If I decided to use a $1 water gremlin split shot assortment instead of the tiny $7.99 an assortment Dinsmores shot for fly fishing, how much effectiveness would I lose? Any pros to the Dinsmores that would make the price worth it?

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    I think Dinsmore is tin and therefore can be used in areas where the lead gremlin may not be allowed.

    Dinsmore is that swell green color which might be a factor.

    If allowed, I would say the lead is more effective as it is more dense than tin.
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      lead is heavier and softer than tin. That means it will be easier to put on than tin, and heavier for it's size. You give up the environmentally friendliness of tin. Also, because tin is harder, it tends to grip the tippet much better, and I have much less problems with the shot sliding. Dinsmores are also teflon coated, which helps them to grip the tippet better as well. Tin shot IMO, is a bit more durable and reusable than lead too, lead gets marred up pretty fast.

      the consensus: I use both. Leads price is hard to beat, but tin has some preferable qualities. kinda like mono vs fluro.
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        As a Guide you look for ways to save money on gear like this. I've used all types of lead shot and it's just not worth the aggravation. The Dinsmores last longer stay where you put them and if you are careful they can be removed and re-used quite a few times.
        I also use the Orvis Split Shot I'm fond of the egg shape, however I couldn't say with certainty that there are fewer snags...LOL.
        Sometimes it's about the color choice for me too, but Tin stays put.
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          Water Gremlins vs Dinosaurs?

          Definitely the dinosaurs!

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