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  • Need some guidance!

    I'm driving back from Ashland KY to gwinnett tomorrow starting around 1pm. Beautiful drive... I did it in Monday but most of it was in the dark. I packed my flyrod and gear just in case I get the chance to make it a better day..... I'll pretty much be taking hwy 23 to Asheville then the typical route to gwinnett from there. Any suggestions? I prefer small creeks over big water.

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    Moccasin shouldn't be too far off your path, if I'm following you correctly. Closer in to where you'll be driving, there are several blue lines in the Clayton area.

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      ...23 / 441 runs right through's just 13 or 14 (+-) miles East out Warwoman Rd. to Hwy 28, which goes to SC over the Ben Russell Bridge which is the Southern border of the Chattooga runs 2 miles upriver to Reed Creek on the Ga side...I'd go there...




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        Once in Asheville you would be hard pressed to swing a 'possum by the tail and NOT hit a start up brewery or a trout stream. Most direct on your route would be take I-26 east then exit onto highway 280 (Asheville Regional Airport exit) and turn right. Same exit is for the new Sierra Nevada brewery just in case it's raining. When you see a giant Ingles on the right it sits on the corner of highway 280 and N. Mills River Rd. Turn right and go about 6 miles and you are on the DH Section of the North Mills and it was stocked last Friday. Time to head home, back to 280 and south toward Brevard. In the middle of town turn left onto 276 and that to SC highway 11. Take a right and it goes directly to I-85. Nice drive but watch the speed limit signs. Speeding tickets is a big revenue source for those SC counties.


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          You've got a lot of choices, particulary if you go through Waynesville from Ashville and come down 23 to 985. You have some NC delayed harvest choices if you have or are willing to buy a NC license. You go right by the Tuckaseegee. In Ga, the closest DH is probably the Chatooga.


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            The pigeon is a good delayed harvest close to waynesville. The davidson is hard to beat..not a delayed harvest though.. aheville and brevard are full of breweries .. north mills is a delayed harvest as well
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              You cross the Tuck in Dillsboro NC on your way home. Another 2 miles up the road, take a left to Webster.
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                Folks kindly not the inquiry was posted about a week ago for a trip beginning the next day. Not sure more recommendations are really needed at this time. However, a trip report would be nice to see! And one question, Highway 23 ...... did you mean Highway 25 by any chance? Highway 25 is a fun ride - the original "Thunder Road".


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                  It's 23 / 74. 23 going south from Waynesville splits off at Dillsboro, runs through Clayton and eventually becomes 985. Going north it splits off above Dillsboro at Clyde just before 74 hits 40. I think the exit sign off 40 says 74 and 23. I just looked at Googly Maps and it shows you might save a few minutes by dropping down from 40 on 209 a little to the west.