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Getting caught in trees.

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  • Getting caught in trees.

    When ever i'm fishing in relatively tight places i seem to always get caught in the trees. How can i keep this from happening?
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    Learn to roll cast!
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      learn to roll cast and also if you feeling like you want a good challenge youtube single handed spey casting...its fun to learn and can definitely help with the trees...
      I use dry flies...why just for the chance of the perfect cast, perfect drift, just to see it disappear...and then FISH ON!!!!

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        And on hook sets - don't raise the rod! Sweep it downstream, parallel to the water. Even if it's a false alarm you won't be aiming for tall timber.

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          youtube single handed spey casting
          Great advice. I use this cast a great deal, and on a larger piece of water if there's little room for a backcast you can really fling some shot and a couple of flies out there a ways without tangles....

          Try this one:

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            You can't....... but a good roll cast or even better a very tight loop will help.

            A better trick might be is getting your fly "unstuck" without spookin the hole.
            If you can reach the fly, try running the tip of you rod all the way to the fly where it is stuck and wiggeling it loose. If you can do that without spookin the hole too much..... you may still get a few more good casts in.


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              Bow and arrow cast in reeeeally tight spots....check youtube as well.


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                side arm water haul

                Originally posted by feeding frenzy53 View Post
                When ever i'm fishing in relatively tight places i seem to always get caught in the trees. How can i keep this from happening?
                Overhang gets everybody. To avoid that keep your line low to the water.

                Stand in the stream near the opposite bank from where you intend to fish. With your rod pointed downstream let your rig drift straight downstream from you about the same distance as it is to your target. Make a side arm casting stroke about 1' off the water towards your target.

                The water will put tension in the line to bend your rod and cast your rig low above the water when it breaks free. Practice going straight upstream to get the hang of it.

                You can also practice by walking in grass to simulate the stream. Clean your line after.


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                  shorter rod

                  Helps me to use 7' rod in smaller streams and no false casting.
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                    Hate to sound like a wiseazz, but look behind you before starting your casting motion.