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Competitive Angling Gear.

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  • Competitive Angling Gear.

    This should be a great thread, lets get a list of gear that is essential and gear that you will want to have for competitive angling.

    Rods- any fly rod can work, but specialty rods for specific purposes are great. We all have our favorite brand of stick, but lets converse to having one of each of the following: Tightline nymphing rod, dry dropper rod, streamer rod. Preferably get a leader setup that your nymphing rod can dry dropper with as well. A good dry top, is great to have, as it takes getting wet out of your mind as much, you can wade more risky water and get to places other anglers likely did not fish.

    Wading- durable waders, dependable boots, and shin guards/kneepads for aid in stealthy approaches. Helps your knees and your waders.

    Net- any net will do, but the Frabil style with the small holes and rubber netting are perfect!\

    clothing- drab/camo clothing preferred. ORANGE shirts are not the best option when trying to catch pressured trout.

    lines- DT, wf, sink tip, all lines have their place, one huge advantage imo, is using the cortland nymph line, with a copolymer leader, or one of the new trabucco leaders, and tie in you siter, and then tippet. All of this comes down to personal preferrence, because technique will be the driving force behind your drift, drop rate/sink rate, and overall success.

    Reel- a nice reel that balances your rod, is first and foremost, and of course drag is last. Remember during a comp, the last thing you are worried about with 1 minute to go in a session is not beating up a 400.00 dollar reel.

    Hooks- this could be the most crucial element. Quality barbless hooks that will go deepand keep fish on. Dropped fish happen and can cost you. have confidence in your hooks that your flies ride on.

    Confidence- all of these elements provide and boost one thing, confidence. Never lose it, or expect to lose.

    I am sure others will have so much more to add, but this could be a great thread.

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    I'll add the following:

    1. Good flurocarbon tippet in 3-7x. 8x if you feel froggy
    2. Good mono tippet in 3-5x for dry fly leader connection.
    3. Good fishing vest/pack. Most of us prefer the WJ confluence pack for competitive fishing. Best one in the book in my opinion.
    4. Leader and fly dressings. I use paste for treating my fly line and leader if I'm dry/dropper fishing. I use gink gel for my dries with dessicant shaker for refreshing. I use gink xink for treating my line below the dropper as well as my flies so they sink quicker and it also creates micro bubbles on the flies.
    5. Leaders in various sizes from 0x to 6x in ranges of 7.5 to 12'. I also have the new umpqua bicolor sighter material in 3x in case I have to replace a leader set up.
    6. Flies: Standard fare, frenchies/pheasant tail, hares ears, surveyors, leeches, stimis, midge patterns in size 20 or below(I don't have these but will soon). DH fare, egg patterns(includes trout brain), worms, bright buggers, and bright beads.
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      Originally posted by benvan View Post

      Net- any net will do, but the Frabil style with the small holes and rubber netting are perfect!\
      X2 on the Frabil. The diameter makes it ideal for getting the fish in the net fast! Also, working out a net rigging system so that it is easily accessible is key. Dropping a fish because you were fumbling with your net is a real bummer.

      I'll add on a good pair of polarized glasses. Obviously this helps you while fishing, but also when scouting your beat.
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