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A Long Hard Winter

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  • A Long Hard Winter

    I didn't even have the trout on and it haunted me. My friend Andy's encounter with it was chapter one of the saga. I remember reading his email at first and dismissing the possibility of a monster in that stretch. My left knee was at full "I hate you" phase and I dismissed the fish story partially because of my knee not cooperating. I was suppose to be with Andy that day but I chickened out because of my knee.

    I was on the bench near the end of the season. I was looking at photos and thinking about season coming to an end. I read Andy's email again and it lite my fire to fish. The quote in the email that he could not control it really got my juices flowing. I thought what the heck. I had talked to an angler a couple years earlier and she showed me a photo of an absolute monster she had caught very near to this hole. The potential was there I thought.