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Fly Fishing With GULP Bait? Is This ever "O.K.?"

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  • Fly Fishing With GULP Bait? Is This ever "O.K.?"

    Last Winter I came across a fly fisherman on the Hooch near JB who was pulling in fish left and right. After changing my fly many times, I finally went up to him and asked him what he was using.

    He said, "Well, I'm not proud of it, but I'm using GULP Bait. Sure can make a bad day's fishing an O.K. one!"

    And I wasn't sure what to say... All I could say was, "..Huh."

    It seems **** near blasphemous to the sport, but is it any different than those guys out spin casting with GULP or worms?

    I would love all of your takes on this. I personally would only do this in times of survival I guess, but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    What do you all think?

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    I'm prolly gonna be condemned to the place other than heaven fer sayin' this, but as long as you're not in a "artificial only" area where scented lures are prohibited, I'd say to go ahead an' have at it if it looks like you're fixin' to go home with a big skunk! (Be nice, though. Name 'em Henry an' release 'em since you kinda-sorta cheated.) Be judicious in the use of such tactics as it'll lower your overall skill as a fly-fisherman. I say it's okay just to avoid the skunk.
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      Well said!


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        No. No. No.

        Have to go to three "no's" before NGTO will let you post.
        If this were rocket science most of us wouldn't be doing it. - Terry Creech


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          I think he was catching more trout, having more fun, and is probably an all around happier person because of his flexibility to life's challenges.
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            Attend Fishbreath's "Dead Free Drift" Seminar @ The Spring Fling and you won't need Gulp. It's FREE also.


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              That Gulp bait trick seems a little lame to me but that's it Jim


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                Piscator used worms

                Nick Adams used grasshoppers

                The idea that you must only use artificial flies for fly fishing is as much a fiction as well Piscator or Nick Adams.
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                  If you have to ask you know it's lame to use.
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                    Personally, I would never use it. When I first moved here and found out about this Y2K "bug" it blew my mind that fly fisherman were using a fly that to my knowledge doesn't imitate anything... But now I use it all the time on the hooch because it works. I'll just make sure to clear all Y2Ks out of my fly box when I visit my guide friends in Wyoming this summer. I mean I know people out west who frown upon san juan worms. At the end of the day it is all about having fun though, so no one should ever criticize someone for having fun as long as its legal.


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                      I try to keep an open mind about fishing, as long as the technique or practice in question is legal. I may not do it myself, but I have no problem with others who enjoy it.

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                        I have fished powerbait on a fly rod before, and a bamboo rod at that!

                        Purist or not, if its legal and fun, have at it!

                        Didn't I see some of NGTO's finest fishing with Barbie and Sponge Bob spinners on the DH a couple of years ago?
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                          Assuming it's legal, fish the way you like and don't worry about what other fishermen think. It's your fishing trip....enjoy and pass it along.


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                            I bet that's how hoochbuster catches all those big dukes fish!
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                              Only dry flies and only up stream