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    My dearest brethren an' sistren (I only jes' now made up that word):

    Each year fer the past sev'ral years I have made it a point to record mah lastest fish of each year an' then mah very firstest of the new year. On occasion it has werked out that they were caught on consecutive days, but that ain't happened fer the past two years. I have already hauled off an' caught mah lastest fish a few weeks ago. I'm not gonna be able to post a pitcher of mah lastest one on account of I didn't let Meaux take a photo when we were out on the river last. I will, however, post a pitcher of the firstest one of 2018 when I catch it.

    If y'all would, post pitcher of your lastest fish of 2017 and yer firstest of 2018. I'd love to see what y'all have caught and see who gits the two closest to each other. Fer mah part, I'll try to git out on the river afore LSU plays Neuter Dame an' git mahse'f a trout from the 'Hooch.

    Tight lines to all y'all, an' Happy New Year!
    If you have difficulty understanding the post above, read it out loud and it should make sense. This NGTO member is known for his poor hill-billy upbringing and his affinity for all things from Louisiana (particularly if it relates to LSU). It makes for a poor mix of accents and much difficulty in translation. He was doing well for so long, but now seems to have regressed.

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    Happy New Year Swampy, even if the game didn't go so well.

    I had the itch to get one more trout yesterday and was able to. Made it out again today to start it off right.
    Here's my last fish caught 4:30 new years eve (he was a skinny guy) and my first fish caught 3:30pm new years day. Ended up with two today and took it to the house =)

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