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  • Montana/Yellowstone

    Anyone interested in a fishing trip to Montana and Yellowstone. The people that were going with me bailed out because $ reasons. My intentions are to drive there and mainly fish Yellowstone but I would like to make a few trips into Montana. I intend to primitive camp (I have all the gear) in the park as well camp in the national forest in Montana. I have been there before fishing and camping and its a blast.
    I am flexible on a date but would like to leave late July or early August. I can drive my truck and have access to a popup but that will add a couple hundred in gas (trying to keep this trip as inexpensive as possible). I figure we can do this trip for around a $1,000.
    I am an intermediate flyfisherman and knowenough to be dangerous. My intentions are to leave on a Monday morning and return the following week on Thursday. I can extend/adjust the trip if needed. Again, I am flexible. If your interested leave a thread or send me a message. thats it, No seriel killers and...ah.. seperate tents..
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