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  • Chattooga

    I'm going to be fishing the Chattooga river this weekend and am wondering if anyone is interested in tagging along. I don't want to advertise the spot on here, but it is not DH or Burrells Ford. If anyone's interested shoot me a pm and we can chat. Looking to make some new friends that fish around the Rabun area.

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    I have plans with my daughter otherwise id be all over it. Toog is a great place to fish, 0m me next time you head that way
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      Will do, DTroutman. I will probably be fishing it Sunday too if Saturday is good (which I'm almost counting on).


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        What day are you heading out?


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          I fish the Chattooga about every other weekend. I might be going again this weekend though. It was pretty good this last Saturday on the section we were fishing. We saw a handful of good brownies North of 20". There was only a handful of anglers to compete with and had more water to fish than we could manage for the 3 of us.