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  • Euro Nymph drop shotting

    Do any of you Euro Nymphers use a drop shot? I've never Euro Nymphed before but I was recently in Montana with a guide and expressed a interest in Euro Nymphing and that is the way he rigged his Euro rods. He had two flies followed by one or two split shot on the bottom. I caught a couple of trout and six or seven whitefish with it in a short amount of time. Didn't think that was to bad for my first Euro Nymphing try. Just curious if anyone around hear rigs like that.

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    All the time. Picked it up in Utah where they call it a "Utah rig". Keeps the flies above the rock snot. They call it a "Wyoming rig" with three flies because use of three flies is legal there whereas Utah only two flies are allowed in Utah. Very effective but causes extra tangles.


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      I can keep my flies off the bottom easily when euro nymphing simply by b adjusting through depth from sighter to flies or leader angle during the drift. I prefer to suspend my flies slightly off the bottom rather than dredging in most circumstances. Guides are cheap, tungsten is expensive, and folks new to the technique haven't had the time to get a good feel for where the flies are in the water column yet. I think it has a purpose but would not be something I would regularly do as you gain more experience. I assume they want the weight to tick bottom which creates drag and your flies will move slower than the current.


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        I've been nymph fishing that way since I was a kid. I'm now old.
        Simple rig,just tie on your nymph and leave about a six in.tag end
        to lightly crimp split shot on.When you hang on bottom the split shot
        will slip off the mono and you don't lose your fly. I've tried a dropper
        ​​​​​​off the main line but it doesn't seem to be any more effective and tangles