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    Hey there! I'm fairly new to fly fishing and just received a fly fishing net for Christmas. I used it for the first time yesterday but am having a hard time figuring out how to hold, and use it, without it getting in the way while casting. I use a Patagonia sling pack and am wondering if anyone has any tips to help me figure out how to best hold the net?

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    Stuff it between your wader belt if you are wading easier water or invest in a magnetic release and put it somewhere so if you drop your net, it doesn't float downstream.


    Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. A sling pack is too bulky for my likings. I use a chest pack and attach it to the clip behind and I can hang my net on there. I also have a fishpond mid length nomad that when I wade in places like Cherokee, I will stuff it between my wader belt.


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      I have the Patagonia Atom Stealth, and it's got a little D ring clip thing on the top of the bag, where the strap attaches to it. I clip my net there with one of those cheap ($9) magnet/leashes from amazon, and it works fine.
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        there is something called a gear keeper and they are awesome. it has a retractor that keeps the net out of your fishing zone until you need it. I highly recommend.
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          Gearkeeper... magnets are fine but Gearkeeper is great.
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            +1 gear keeper. When I had a short-handled net and a vest I used the gear keeper and loved it. Most vests have a D-ring in-between the shoulders and I hung it from there. 2 years ago I switched to a sling, and then about 18 months ago I received the fishpond mid-length net and these aren't as good of a match for the gear keeper .. now I keep it in the top-back of my waders, where the hoop of the net is behind my head. They also make backpacks I believe that have an incorporate sheath for net handles. Have fun!
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