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When should I change out my tippet?

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  • When should I change out my tippet?

    I was wondering how short y'all go before changing out your tippet. I usually go with 3 feet of tippet but have been told many different things on when to replace it due to shortness.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Honestly, I would change out my tippet before I fish again. I have a tippet ring in my leader so it makes it easy, but I always start out with new tippet.

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      Tippet rings my friend. They help out tremendously.


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        Originally posted by RScott View Post
        Honestly, I would change out my tippet before I fish again. I have a tippet ring in my leader so it makes it easy, but I always start out with new tippet.
        Yeah but we can't all be as cool as you....

        For me I'm changing flies several times during a trip and my knot tying skills are horrible compounded with aging eyes so I unfortunately am snipping off way too much on tags after I tie on my flies.

        Due to that I am forced to replace my tippet every trip out of necessity as it'll only be 12" long if I don't.
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          How Often?

          Here is my Friday Special analogy. Changing your tippet is like knowing when to whiz. Depends on what you have been doing a lot of, drinking or fishing. In both cases you need to re-knot or re-lease a lot if you have doing a lot of fishing or drinking! But for those who need more specifics, try this. When you change a fly hang it on the foam patch on your vest. When you hang the 3rd fly add more tippet. How much, well how much do you use to clip and re-tie! The exception to this is fishing for larger brown trout. Say you catch a nice 14" to 16" brown. Put your finger in his mouth and feel those teeth: Think leader shreder. I swap out about a foot of tippet after a big brown.

          I used to be concerned how much tippet I was loosing to long tag ends and then realized how much longer it takes to tie on a fly or add tippet with itty-bitty tags! BullFrogs! Tippet is cheap and time is expensive! Tier faster means more fishing time.

          While we are here, when you do add a few feet of tippet leave about a 2" tag on the leader tag and then use that for spit shot attachment.


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            Might seem a bit excessive to some but as a general rule of thumb I tend to replace my tippet every 2-4 hours. (for a nymphing set up) The reason for this is being that the tippet frequently gets scraped up or stretched during use. Which when running light tippets and fight good numbers of fish, makes for more frequent tippet changes. I do use a tippet ring so that definitely makes the process faster to do.
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              I have always started out 24 inchs or more and when got down to 16 to 18 inches after replacing flies numerous times replace to what ever length you are happy with. I've also found using furled leaders you need to use longer tippet to get it roll over.