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    I am thinking about starting one up. I have so many thoughts to organize, prospective streams to hit, etc. It would also make sense to record what worked and where on trips.

    Does anyone keep a journal like this? How do you organize it?

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    Hunting and fishing journal

    I started with a Day at a Glance calendar in the 90s. I wrote notes about the trip (basic stuff....where, time of day, what was caught, what was used, etc.).

    Somewhere along the line I started using Word to document hunting and fishing trips. The basic stuff continued but was rolled up into more of a narrative. With Word I was able to imbed photographs and some documents.

    In 2005, I switched to a self publishing software "Blurb". Easy to use. I document my trips when I return and include a lot of detail on the trip. Trips are further documented with photographs. In January, I publish the book in hard back. Two copies of the book are sold each year (my copy and one that Carolyn buys).


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      Microsoft OneNote is free and really easy to keep a notebook / journal in. Great search function as well. I don't keep one, but this might help?

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        There are a few apps in the Playstore, "finygo" is pretty detailed
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          Notebook. Grade school outline. Done

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            I kept a hand written fishing journal years back, but after awhile got tired of writing "fished the _____ (fill in the blank) DH today, caught 30 SNIT's". I guess if you are a bit more adventurous than I, it might be fun to capture details on your outings.
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              My Journal

              Couple of years ago a well-meaning sister-in-law bought me a beautiful leather bound TU fishing journal. Despite days of good intention, and several trips to rivers tucked in my fishing bag, I have yet to make an entry. Lately I have been thinking I need to at least use it for dates and locations. With irons I have in the fire, people will ask "when did you last go fishing" and I cannot remember.


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                I carry a Rite in the Rain notebook No. 146 with me everywhere I go. I started using them back when I was doing archaeological field work. Rite in the Rain notebooks are great because you can drop them in anything and still write in them. The 146 is nice because it will fit in you back pocket and it comes in "reporter" which makes it easier for a lefty to write in.

                I use a standard Ticonderoga pencil (which is the best) and have a knife to sharpen it. I do have a Rite in the Rain Pen made for it which will write underwater if you need it to. You can't use gel pens or highlighters. Sharpies and ballpoints work when it's dry.

                I don't always write in it or at least write something that would make sense to anyone else. Notes on birds, plants, fish, insects, tracks, and all kinds of other stuff. I always write a date which makes it easier for me to find stuff.
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                  My experience closely parallels that of Buck and I stopped that foolishness about 10 years ago. I do still have the journals somewhere. My favorite string of reports captured my self imposed challenge, " A bass a day for 30 days." Was quite an ordeal! YPJ


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                    I have been keeping a journal for over 15 years, starting when i started fly fishing. I keep it in a word document. I have an entry for literally every day i have fished: where, who with, weather, flies, fish, particular stories, directions to the river, put-in, etc. i have included some photos as well. when time permits i may type in a few paragraphs, and when it doesnt i may type a single sentence. i also from time to time copy it into it info on fishing from websites, emails, etc. It is nearly 500 pages, most of it my individual reports. I have an appendix summarizing best fishing days and all fish over 20" ( I fish mostly in the west where 20" fish are possible but not a daily thing), some note on flies, some notes on fishing western lakes, some info on Hooch flows and flow rates, some notes on Chattooga trails, etc. i try not to be terribly neurotic about this but I guess if you think this is a bit nutty, i am guilty as charged. But if i fished with you 10 years ago, and you spout off about a 17" fish you caught, i can look it up and call BS--it was 15". It is fun and a convenient way to record stuff i want to remember -- ranging from how do you get to that place to a few sentences and some pics about a fun outing.