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For those who fish <6 times a year

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  • For those who fish <6 times a year

    Back when I was able to fish frequently, at least once a month, I seemed to be able to get in the water and start catching fish. Now it seems to take me 30-45 minutes to even get a look from a fish and at least two missed hook sets before I find a rhythm and start catching fish.
    I don't know if getting older and slower is the cause. Surely I don't forget that much between trips. Muscle habits may take some refreshing?

    Just curious if others suffer this situation.

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    I have found practicing my cast a few minutes daily, keeps the rust knocked off from my skills.

    It's easy to tell when I have be diligent and smartly practicing and when I've either skipped or poorly executed casting practice.

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      I definitely show the rust. Particularly on hook sets. Either too late or too hard - throwing missed sets into the trees behind me - or both.


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        eye, surely in Hoschton you can find some farm ponds or neighborhood ponds with bream and bass. Get out there every once and a while and mess with those fish. Poppers on a 3 wt keep your casting sharp, and the takes will help your reactions catch back up. It beats casting in the yard...
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          I agree with @troutbum69. I don't get out near as much as I would like due to life and the numerous other hobbies I have. I'm fortunate enough to have a pond on my property that I can fish anytime I want. Catching bream and bass on a fly rod is better than nothing and keeps the "rust" from building up too much. I tend to get lazy casting with the open water unless I focus on trying to hit a specific spot.


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            Also, the bream are incredibly stupid and will take darn near anything so it's hard to practice casting in the pond. First world problems I know.


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              I like the pond suggestion. In fact there are two within 500 yards of the house. Casting isn't the rusty part. It is setting the hook. It seems for the first 20-30 minutes I'm a hair too slow.


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                The problem lies in the title to the post. What is wrong with you people? How do you even survive fishing that little?

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                  I gotta tell you Big T it is not easy. I hope there is some sympathy for those that struggle through life in our situations.

                  I had a few years when I was able to fish one day a week and that was wonderful. Now I am lucky if I get in 6-7 days a year. My goal is to put in 3 more years of this unfortunate circumstance, turn the goat farm over to my daughter and fish 2-3 days a week. Prayers appreciated.


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                    Originally posted by Big T View Post
                    The problem lies in the title to the post. What is wrong with you people? How do you even survive fishing that little?
                    HAHA I was thinking the same thing!
                    I might not get on a trout stream more than 6 times/trips per year, but I fish prob 1-2 times a week minimum.
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                      I understand where you're coming from. When I was in my teens I would fish the shoals down from the Old Jones bridge with black and gold rapalas and catch brown trout in the neighborhood of 12 to 24 inches. A couple over 20 inches I got mounted. More people are fishing so trout obviously move. Now I'm happy when I catch a few around 12 inches and I gladly throw them back or at my fishing partner!
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