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Trout fishing small GA lakes

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  • Trout fishing small GA lakes

    i was at Dockery Lake yesterday at daybreak trying my luck at bank fishing. I tried a few different Power Bait doughs, their floating worms, red wigglers and a Panther Martin but the only thing I caught were a few tiny bream...Fished on the bottom, floating off the bottom, and using a bobber but no luck. Can anyone give me advice or anything else I could try? There are other N. GA lakes I'd like to try as well...thanks in advance. I know trout are finicky!anything else I could try? I know trout are finicky!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Last I heard, they do a "trout tournament" around July 4th weekend and flat clean it out after they are done stocking for the year. We camped at dockery in late summer a few years back and there were no signs of trout. I would suggest checking the DNR website for the stocking schedule...and I'm sure some other members might be able to offer tips as to which lakes offer the best bank fishing access.

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      Depending on which lake, I would totally concentrate on a couple of spots this late in the summer: 1) the very deepest part of the lake at the dam 2) the mouth of the creek and upstream from there.


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        Thanks to both of you...great info about the Fourth!

        Has anyone had much success at any particular lake?


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          ...any help...??