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Bank fishing for trout in rivers or streams

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    Originally posted by Dtroutmann View Post
    Small mouth.
    Depending upon age group, Moccasin Creek has a spot for minors and seniors, also Petite Lake in Big Canoe stocks trouts not sure of their stocking schedule but I think it's year round.
    The link Big T posted is pretty awesome and should give you plenty of great places to fish. Good luck, have fun and keep us posted on your success.
    Is the lake at Big Canoe private?


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      Big Canoe is private but they have some reasonable weekend rentals which will allow you to fish.
      I built a house for the man who used to be in charge of the stocking.
      The residents are allowed 3 trout per day . One day he came in with three that had a total weight of 27 pounds.
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        Have you thought about a float tube? I almost never go in the water without one except up in the mountains


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          Stream Side

          The original question was about stream fishing but has drifted more to lakes and ponds. In my experience wade fishing is more about getting to where the fish are than standing thigh deep in water I can barely stand up in. I have one friend who only uses hip boots. His view is that standing in the water disturbs the fish. So it's more a degree of mobility than wading all day? If so, there are many streams where just a small amount of wading no more than ankle deep would provide a lot of water.

          Two examples come to mind on the Toccoa tailwater, the park immediately below the Blue Ridge dam, Tammen Park a little further down and Horseshoe Bend Park just outside Copper Hill. One of my favorites is Horseshoe Bend because you can almost lawn chair fish there and just getting your ankles wet can open up hundreds of yards of access.


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            Several good bank spots on the Toccoa DH stretch from Sandy Bottom down.
            The canoe launch is easily accessed and that big hole always has trout in it.
            Expect some smallmouth from time to time also.
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              Rock Creek and Talullah River are all stocked regularly during the spring and have easier access. If I remember correctly. Dicks would be a good option also.
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