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A Test of weighted flies

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  • A Test of weighted flies

    Riffle and I spent last Sunday and Monday on Dukes. Water was clear, flow was crazy strong but not very high. He was on one side of a large hole and I was on the other. He was using tungsten weighted flies and I was not. This episode made me a believer in tungsten weights. His flies were on the bottom and mine were getting blasted down stream to the tail out. 4 AB shot later I was still not on bottom when compared to his flies. We both ended up catching fish but he out fished me by a lot and he lost a bruiser. Bottom line here is spend the extra money on those beads and wire and go to Tungsten. It proved to be the difference maker this past weekend.
    I'm not gonna say don't use lead wrap or brass beads, they have a place and work but this experience opened my eyes and wallet. Just saying...Will

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    As the old Chinese proverb states “the difference between an average fisherman and a good fisherman is typically one more split shot”
    "If you aren`t fishing out West.... well you`re just plain fishing"