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Techniques for a 5’6” 3wt?

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  • Techniques for a 5’6” 3wt?

    I’ve had a CGR glass 3wt for a couple years now mostly for fishing dries in small water for bream and stockers. It’s got a super slow action and is shorter than my ultralight spinning gear so it doesn’t throw anything much bigger than a size 10 and struggles with longer leaders.

    Are there any other techniques that I could use with this thing other than small drys midges and micro streamers? Better yet do y’all think there’s any niche for it in the hooch from a boat?

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    At 5 1/2 feet long, it is what it is man! The shortest small stream rod I own is a 6 1/2 foot bamboo and it too is limited in what it can toss. A 5 1/2 foot glass 3 weight is not something I would consider very useful fishing big water like the Hooch.
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      Buck nailed it. At 5'6" it's a niche rod. Small rhododendron choked streams, possibly overline it with a 4wt line. It should be great for what its designed.

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        The best technique for a rod like this is to roll it up in the sock, put it back in the tube, and list it on Ebay for the next sucker to buy.


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          Originally posted by fishnpreacher View Post
          Buck nailed it. At 5'6" it's a niche rod. Small rhododendron choked streams, possibly overline it with a 4wt line. It should be great for what its designed.
          You bet it is. There’s nothing better for casting under overhanging trees and precision at short distance. I guess I’ll just have to accept that it doesn’t have a place in the boat and make more time for creek fishing.


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            5'6 3wt glass is a bit unusual, but will work fine in certain situations. I still have a Fenwick Fenglass, FF535 (5'3 5wt, circa 1972) that I am very fond of, but also recognize it has certain limitations. I also have a 5'9 4/5 wt boo (pseudo Banty) that is best used in a similar fashion. I love them both in tiny, overgrown tribs, and also in the hood pond for bream. I wouldn't bring them out on a larger river (Hooch)..Don't get rid of the rod, just understand where/when it can be most effective - not to mention just plain fun.
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              Do not believe half of what you read. I have broken the 2# mark several times with my TFO 1/2 weight with BVK Zero reel. 1 weight furled leader 3' length. snatch a whisker off a cat at 30 paces.
              Thanks Watkins.
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                Best rod I ever owned was a 4' 10" 4wt cane rod. I probably caught more fish on that rod in a year than I have with any of my others. It is definitely a niche rod though...for the smallest of creeks.

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