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How about a DIY rod vault thread?

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  • How about a DIY rod vault thread?

    I built one a while ago and really like it. It is relatively inexpensive especially compared to what is on the market. I am going to estimate $40-50 total.

    I start with two sticks of PVC 1-1/2". I have used both electrical conduit (PVC) and SCH40 PVC. I'm a plastics guy and I don't think there is much difference.

    Take both sticks and deburr or chamfer the INSIDE edge of both ends of the pipe. No sharp edges inside.

    Glue Caps on one end of each and a 1-1/2" threaded bushing on the other end of each.

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    Get everything glued up and go ahead and paint the shafts whatever color you want except pink (unless you're a girl). These will be satin black and 10ft long. It is easier to paint them now before assembly.

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      Later we will assemble the two shafts together using 1-1/2" conduit brackets.(but not yet!) I got these at Lowes. You will also need some #10 machine screws and nuts with locking washers. 2-1/2" long. For this 10 footer I will use three sets but you could get by with two.

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        Looking good Scott, what type box do you use for the reel?
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          Well as luck would have it, my "gauranteed delivery" box from ebay did not show up today. So I will have to finish the thread on Monday. Finding the right box was the hard part. I used several before landing on the one I like. It is made by MTM and is called a large survivor box.

          Make sure you get a large - they also make a small.

          It opens from the side (very important), has a place for a lock, rubber seal, and will fit a standard reel size fly rod.

          David! yes those were the days. I still hunt a little bit over in Greene county.

          MTM Box

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            I have personally seen the rod vault Scott has on his 4 runner and it's sharp. I wouldn't have known it was a DIY project if he hadn't told me he made it himself
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              Looks good so far, Iíve got plans to make one hear real soon. Canít wait to see how yours turns out
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                Ok. Finally received my box. Ebay gave me a $5 discount because it was late! First, take the box apart, remove the clasps, remove the lid, they all just snap together.

                At this point it is time to drill the two holes. The assembled tubes have a center to center measure of 2-3/8" (2.375"). Using the nuts as guides INSIDE the box, lay out where the two nuts will sit.

                Lay the nuts in the box oriented as such and mark the cutouts with the nut. If you lay them out as shown, the center to center will be correct, Use a straight edge to estimate the center of each hole and mark an "x".

                Use a straight edge to estimate the vertical center of the nuts. Notice how the nuts are against the top edge of the box. In this picture the hinge side of the box is on the right but it doesn't really matter. If the hinge is on the right the lock will be on the left, decide which way will give the best access.

                Now you are ready to drill the pilot hole in the center. Use whatever size drill your hole saw has for a pilot and drill through at the two centers. Then use the hole saw to drill through from the outside of the box.

                I do not have a 2" hole saw so I had to do it the hard way. looks cool but a pain to set up.

                So now you should have this.

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                  Man....REALLY wish I could see these pics! I've been wanting a rod vault for yrs but just can't justify the cost. $50 is doable!
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                    I can't see them either flyfisher, and I was also curious about the finished product.
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                      I can see them, but only if I am logged in. Not sure what the problem is, getting them to post has been a challenge as well.

                      Any ideas? They are imgur links. How about if I choose upload? will that make a difference?

                      OK well I edited all the post and used a different format. So let me know if y'all can see it.
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                        Looks good now Scott
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                          Hopefully we have the picture issue solved. If not I will find some way to send it to you via email.

                          Ok deburr the holes in the box and paint the outside. I would not paint the inside unless you want to do a light color. Sometimes you need to be able to see what you are doing inside.

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                            This step is not neccessary, but you can do it if you want. It will offer an enhancement.

                            Cut the threaded portion of the pipes to about 5/8" long with a hack saw. Buy a couple of 1-1/2" insulating bushings (electrical department- HD or Lowes).

                            I would suggest painting the bushings white.


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                              Now place on of the nuts inside the box and screw the pipe onto it. The nut should not be able to turn if your placement is good. Turn it until it is pulled up as tight as possible but don't break anything. the nuts will grab into the plastic so no need to go crazy here, but they need to be tight. Like the old saying goes "how tight?" "tight until it breaks then back off 1/4 turn!" That's a joke don't break it.