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Dredger's Weekly Report - Great Weekend Ahead!

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  • Dredger's Weekly Report - Great Weekend Ahead!

    It looks like a great weekend ahead of us, before we return to the hot, muggy summer. We hope everyone has their tackle shop gift cards, certificates for guided fishing trips, and lifetime fishing licenses already in hand for dear ole Dad. We’ve had some really nice, cold nights in the mountains, and last week’s five inches of rain really recharged north Georgia streams and rivers. Those flowing waters are finally dropping to wadeble levels, just in time for the Father’s Day weekend. Our WRD Father’s Day gifts to all of you are some top-secret intel on reservoir DO’s, priceless summer river fishing techniques, KFE’s to cement your SuperDad status, and hot fly recipes for perpetuity. Don’t miss ‘em! Here we go:

    · Saturday Kids Events

    Hey North Georgia Anglers,

    If you are looking for something new and fun to do with your kids during the weekend in June, a KFE is the place to be! A kids fishing event (KFE) is a perfect place to introduce young anglers to fishing.

    o Tallulah River Campground KFE: 8:00am-12:00pm/Saturday, June 15th

    The Tallulah River Campground is making up for the rain from last weekend, having their annual KFE this Saturday, June 15th! This trout-fishing event is for kids ages 2-15. Prizes and refreshments available. Event sponsored by the US Forest Service and Rabun Chapter of TU.[0]=68.ARCbfv7caF3tB2l2Bw4GkAL5m_GAmBa8TdtL2nHRDEwpBG HUwm8S5FYEIJBuWwQh9nwESADhCNnuizUTHxjbJo3XsESUDbA3 yx3ydK0w82mssSseOlzIxjeWUECtzCOJZTDAaljMEf10sOJkKF VDkAkzeRrfkEMIZPBztRAHZfOFBVPAuVcAY5q3c0EPWbHant3f YN_mfcm1gdUmBJQjLMd5bhGBeO12i4QeQceeTzExTeI_xPbFn1 xitV2zbRe622xwEvo6TrqCg2Dq_FeFqfwotSdj_x86zsgnQOw4 0YN84-d2y-nsKceTh0m-WqtvmK5ZqzOi47SckvODmV2MBvG1Pg&__tn__=-R

    o Buck Shoals KFE: 8:00am-12:00pm/Saturday, June 15th

    Our amazing Region 2 Game Management is holding another one of their KFE’s this weekend as well! Bring a chair, pack a lunch, sit back and make memories watching your littles cast away! I personally love this WMA because of the wonderful staff who welcome you with warm smiles and helping hands! You can catch anything from Bass, Bluegill, Crappie and Catfish! They have got this place “stocked” with fun for your adventurous buddies!

    Also, what better way to spend Father’s Day weekend with your “Mini Me’s” than with a pole in one hand and a memory in the other.

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Lauren Long

    Admin. Support 1, Fisheries

    Wildlife Resources Division

    (770) 535-5498

    · Summer Fun

    Switch species from trout to warmwater and coolwater critters and you’ll have a big time. A web version of the attached “summer fly fishing tips” is also here:

    along with a nice story for this season:

    · Where-Oh-Where to Go?

    We’ll help you:

    · Good West Side Intel

    · Refuge River Report

    Stripers like the 31-pounder pictured here continue to find their way to the Etowah River as they look for the coldest and most oxygenated water available. However, a few anglers have reported that they are still catching a few stripers in the warmer waters of the Oostanaula and Coosa Rivers. Wherever you choose to target them, striped bass are shad-eating machines. Many studies have shown that their diets are made up of at least 90% shad, and anglers should select their baits accordingly. Live shad are still the best bait, but shad-imitating artificial lures will still catch fish.

    John Damer, Fisheries Biologist

    GAWRD Armuchee District

    (706) 295-6102

    · Ponds are Hot


    o Last weekend, Dredger couldn’t stand being housebound any longer because of the enduring monsoon. On Sunday afternoon, he finally noticed some breaks in the Fox 5 TV radar app on his phone, with the storms cells only colored green and yellow. No red or orange meant no lightning. So he grabbed his Goretex raincoat and yak and dashed up to Unicoi Lake. He dodged some cells and got caught by others, but they were warm rains and the rainproof fabric performed well. He stayed on top with a stealth bomber and small yellow popper and paddled the perimeter. A mixed bag of a dozen small bass and large bream quickly cured his cabin fever.


    · Rocky Reports

    o I know that there are some great bass catches coming out of Antioch on worms and jigs in 8 to 15’ of water. Top water is working well in the morning and low light conditions.

    The walleye are fairly active in 10’ of water hitting Rapala shad-raps trolled behind the boat. Shell crackers are also biting good in 10 to 15’ on crickets and red wigglers. Channel catfish are finishing up their spawn on rip rap dams and hitting just about anything when they are active.

    - Rocky Mtn PFA Manager Dennis Shiley

    o Bass fishing has been decent at Rocky Mountain PFA.

    Rock piles and deep brush are holding good numbers of fish. The pattern is typical of summer. Try top water baits early, move to crankbaits or spinnerbaits fished in shady areas and then transition to deeper presentations like Texas rigged plastic worms or drop shot rigs as the sun moves overhead. DNR staff encountered angler John Ferguson of Kennesaw earlier this week just as he reeled in this nice largemouth bass. After a couple quick photos, John released the plump fish to fight again another day.

    Jim Hakala, Fisheries Biologist

    Wildlife Resources Division – Armuchee Office

    (706) 295-6102

    · Toona Attractors

    New fish attractors placed in Lake Allatoona. Members of the E3 Bassmasters club and staff from the GADNR and US Army Corps of Engineers recently deployed fifteen Mossback fish attractors at five locations in the McKaskey Creek area of the lake. The fish attractors were purchased by the E3 Bassmasters using grant funds awarded them by Forty Creek Distillers earlier this year. Three attractors were placed at each location. The sonar image was taken just minutes after deployment. Bass, bream and crappie are expected to take up residence on these structures at various times of the year. Find the location of these new fish attractors (Sites 67-71), as well as Allatoona’s other existing fish attractor sites here:

    - Jim Hakala

    · Rainy Day Recipes

    What do you do when it’s raining cats and dogs on the weekend? Many folks will get in the kitchen and cook up some favorite or new recipes. Dredger used his washed-out Saturday (6/8) to cook up some summer favorites, his simplified versions of fodders and bombers. He’s sharing these recipes with y’all via the attached photos.

    The original chefs for these prize winners are Kent Edmunds for the bomber:

    and Craig Reindeau for the fodder:

    They’re so easy, even a government worker can’t ruin their recipes. Serve them up this summer at a lake or river near you and get ready, for you never know who will show up for supper. For example, see the very last story in today’s report, the fish-lip pic, and a little more here:

    · Reservoir Profiles

    Here come the first set of temperature and oxygen profiles for 2019.


    Please see the attached file for Hartwell.

    Tony Anderson

    Fisheries Technician III

    WRD- Burton District Office

    (706) 947-1502

    Please see attached water quality profile for Lake Lanier this Wednesday (6/5/19). Compared to last year, we are beginning the summer a bit warmer on the surface, but with greater dissolved oxygen concentrations below the thermocline. Have a great weekend.


    Hunter J. Roop

    Fisheries Biologist

    WRD- Gainesville District

    (770) 535-5498

    · Lanier Bass

    · Capt Mack’s Report

    · Ken’s Reservoir Reports


    The Southern Fishing Report by Ken Sturdivant

    106 Hickory Ridge

    770 889 2654

    Cumming Georgia 30040

    JUNE 14, 2019


    This report brought to you by: Jimbo Mathley 770 542 7764

    Bass fishing on Lake Lanier has really picked up in the last week as the weather has cooled. The fish we are catching have been on points and humps in 15 to 20 feet of water, depending on time of day and conditions. The fish have continued to intensify their presence on the brush. There is some top water activity present on shallow rock points in the mornings, and the offshore top water bite is definitely getting stronger. Chuggers, Walkers, walkers, poppers are all getting bites right now.

    Want more specific details? Subscribe to my weekly video fishing reports

    here: weekly video fishing reports/


    This bass fishing report is by Matt Driver.

    Bass fishing is great. Many Fish have moved off shore, and most of the fish we are catching are in 12 to 15 feet of water. The Strike King 5xd has been working well. We are mixing up colors, but shad patterns are working best. We have been rotating from the crank bait to the drop shot for fish that are suspended. I’m using a Big Bite 3.75 jerk minnow on 7 pound test Sniper fluorocarbon. We are not finding large schools of fish. Three to four fish schools tend to be more active. At night we are slowing down and throwing a 3/16 Picasso shakedown and a Big Bite 6 inch finesse worm.

    Guides Report has been brought to you exclusively by Robert Eidson of First Bite Guide Service, 770 827 6282. www.firstbiteguideservice.comLake Allatoona, Georgia email:

    Line sides fishing is good. The spawn run is over. The fish are back on the main lake and are starting to set up on a summer pattern. Big schools of hybrids can be found anywhere from the S turns to as far south as Tanyard Creek. The down rod bite is the most productive bite going on the lake now. Fishing live shad at depths from 20 to 30 feet is producing for our boats from one end of the lake to the other. Our bait of choose has been big thread fins with small gizzards running a close second. These fish can be found on your Lowrance on or around most points, humps and flats. Lowrance electronics can be a big help during the summer months. Summer time is awesome for numbers on Lake Allatoona give us a call at 770 827 6282 and let's take the kids fishing.


    Bass fishing is good. There is a good top water bite with a buzz bait. Cast it on any cover and throw it right up on the bank. Bass were in really shallow water feeding on shad and small bream. Flukes are still working in the Baby Bass pattern. First, use the Lowrance depth finder to see if bait fish are in the area. Spend some time riding than fishing but when you find the bait fish, you will find fish. This is where the Lowrance side scanning technology can eliminate water. Rule is, no bait no bass. Out on the main lake points, the Shad Raps and DT 10 crank baits are catching fish. The outer edges of the older docks are still producing some good bass. Trick worms and figs are mainly responsible for the keepers.

    · High Elevation Fun

    Just a nice story and pics to enjoy. Remember those high elevation streams just across our northern border. We are all owners of that nice big national park, too.

    · T23’s Smokies Report

    In search of both cooler weather and cooler water last Saturday, I drove up to the GSMNP and, refreshingly, found both. After taking in the gorgeous mountain and valley views from a higher elevation pull off, I made my way to a stream I had fished before, but to a section I had not.

    Because of the clear water and bright noonday sun overhead, I nymphed during the day and picked up an even split between pretty wild browns and rainbows who put up a spirited, and sometimes acrobatic, fight. I was even treated to an elk who casually crossed the stream about 150 feet upstream.

    Around 7PM, I drove to another stream and fished double dries - a #14 yellow stimulator and a #16 yellow sally - sometimes dead drifted, sometimes skittered. While there was a brief yellow sally hatch that evening, it wasn't substantial enough to inspire a feeding frenzy, nor a lot of fish interested in my top water offerings. But, the few that were managed to the net during the last hour of light were worth it thanks to their vibrant color and impressively energetic pull.

    The day ended without having seen another angler. All in all, a relaxing and beautiful time that sure beat house chores.

    - Rabunite Trouter23

    · Deadly Damer

    Ole Tight Loops gave us a nice report:

    I fished my favorite north GA wild trout stream a couple weekends ago and had a fantastic time. I arrived on Sunday morning as all the campers were packing up and leaving. I saw recent boot prints as I was fishing upstream, and things were a bit slow to start, so I suspect I was fishing behind someone for the whole day. But, I took my time and with every passing minute the action got better and better as the fish re-settled. By the end of the day, I was hooking fish on nearly every cast! I even caught one fish in the middle of the road (see pic). This trip was before the recent rains and we were in a bit of a drought, but the flows still looked great and were at the perfect level for throwing dries. Fished the trusty elk hair caddis all day long. The colors on some of these browns were as beautiful as you will ever see. I did not count but landed somewhere around 30 fish. My last cast picked up a solid 12-incher that made a strong run upstream back to his cover log, doubling over my 2-weight in the process before I pulled him back out. Best day of fishing I’ve had in a while. I’ll bet the fishing will be hot again as the waters recede and clear after last week’s storms.

    John Damer, Fisheries Biologist

    GAWRD, Armuchee District

    (706) 295-6102

    · Red-Striped Rainbows

    Nice video on Georgia’s Rock Creek trout:

    · Stockers Galore!

    State and federal trout hatcheries stocked nearly 53,000 trout during the week of June 3 to serve our anticipated large summertime crowds and supply fish for multiple events held during National Fishing and Boating Week. Given last weekend’s monsoons, many of those fish should still be in the creeks, albeit some distance downstream due to the flood flows. So, if you add last week’s 53K to this week’s 33K, that’s a whole lotta trout waiting for your visit to the mountains. Check out the updated list of stocked waters on Friday afternoons, here:

    · Not Just Trout

    Try a warmwater stream near you and enjoy the diversity of creek residents willing to hit your earthworm, cricket, or woolly bugger. It’s how a lot of us began our angling addiction decades ago, and it’s still a lot of fun. Give it a go, even if you’re close to home:

    · Welcome Back Stan!

    We welcomed Stan Elrod back to Region 1. He spent nearly twenty years in our Gainesville region (as White county warden and then the Toccoa district work unit’s sergeant) before promoting to the Thomson captain slot. He laterally transferred into our captain slot that was vacated upon the recent promotion of Johnny Johnson to DNR Law Enforcement HQ. We’ll enjoy working with Stan once again. And, for those of you who don’t know Stan, he has a big heart for kids and their Outdoor Dreams!

    · Trout Camp Kudos

    Here’s a tip of the DNR ball cap to all of the Georgia Trout Unlimited volunteers who supported the 16th annual, weeklong Trout camp for two dozen teenagers. WRD staff supported the camp with a stream ecology lesson at Smithgall Woods, a Burton Hatchery tour, a work day constructing brook trout stream habitat structures and stream fish sampling with the kids and the U.S. Forest Service, and a Tallulah stocking run with the kids as the trout stockers. A good time was had by all. Special thanks to Trout Camp organizers Kathy and Charlie Breithaupt and Rodney Tumlin. They are certainly growing our next generation of angler-conservationists!

    Pics here:[0]=68.ARCJtBmQ_SHtvQBi4GGIdKT-7JFTQc3JRP_v9DLXg6mVM9eQ-xNmcIzDf1KvB21_SGS0mK95EYfkhKBDcapwpclltonA1DJ6Q52 qjf3efjF2S-QSAm8B57HfsXO9xtlCwQ6zobBOLGgHb2KMFF6TV5UmXQWkVOTw Fxw9OVGUptzK9gD5J27dmM3V8hiMi-P2hVrm7S2U2RR00WiwlfQeuhO6akQdPe1-9kJL7qgIIUzT7Cpg5smQhUSjyIXBbmtqM9WJPdDahitm-Zq4eVAi3_u3h783FcxcYF7CxhVVLSg55441sDWN7rPr_IZpo6H KD-lgmvM4De-E0Nn3reYI&__tn__=-R

    Anyone with an interested teenager can look over the Trout Camp agenda here:

    Contact your local TU chapter to discuss their sponsorship possibilities for eligible 2020 campers.

    · More Than A Million Bass

    · Wildlife Puzzle

    Did you see these xrays?

    · Get Back in the Game

    If you don’t play, you can’t win. Titanic’s captain, also known as Dredger, shook off his wounded ego and rose to Guru’s challenge to return recently to the upper Hooch. One night after work, just before the monsoon hit, the duo waded some local shoals. Dredger tossed an 8-weight and rope fly in the big pool below the whitewater, in hopes of a rematch with a trophy gar. He struck out in the first hour, so he switched over to a hairy fodder to entice some consolation prizes, resident shoalies. He caught three up to about 11 inches and was happy to avoid the skunk. After trying another favorite deep pool without success (the flow was too high for his fly to reach the rocky far bank), he waded back upstream, toward the evening takeout point. The head of the pool was met by a fast upstream riffle, but there was a small, quiet stretch in between the two main currents. He never passes that spot up, but he rarely catches anything there. Still, it’s just too fishy for this student of bioenergetics to pass over. So pitched his lobster fly into the slow seam a few more times as he waded toward the truck. And it stopped….

    After a good 5-10 minute war, with the heavy eight-weight bent over and the drag singing a few times, his prize finally rolled on the surface, and he vice-gripped its lower lip. And he was thankful for his fishing buddy, who had fast-waded across and then down 500 yards of big river to document the epic battle and final victory. The Wal Mart nylon sewing tape stretched to twenty and a half inches.

    Home run.

    Get back into the game. If you don’t step up and take a swing, you can’t score. We hope you hit a few homers yourself with your family and dear friends. We are so fortunate to live, work, and play in north Georgia. Take the chance soon to go fishing. Happy Father’s Day to all of our dear dads; may you make some special fishing memories of your own very soon.

    Jeff Durniak
    North Georgia Region Fisheries Supervisor

    Wildlife Resources Division

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