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Looking forward to wader season

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  • Looking forward to wader season

    I am no herpetologist, but I am pretty sure the two of three snakes I almost stepped on today at Sweetwater Creek State Park while fly fishing for bass were copperheads. I thought it was a bit late in the season for these guys to be out and about?

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    If I could see his pupils I would be able to positively identify it! Next time try to get in front of it and a close up of the eyes.
    HaHa I wouldn't have stayed around long enough to get this photo.


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      Copperheads are out all the time. What is crazy as snakes are even seen on sunny days in the winter months also warming up. Be careful out there.


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        I didn't realize it was a copperhead at the time - I had to look it up when I got home. I was suspicious of the fatter body and more triangular head though. I stepped a foot away from this one on the trail and did the exact same thing another couple hundred yards down the trail with its brother/sister. They blend in perfectly with the leaves on the ground. Fortunately, they weren't aggressive and seemed to be just pretending to be sticks. I tried to nudge this one off the trail with the tip of my fishing rod, but it just sat there.

        Between this, an encounter with a rat snake, and being examined for 3 minutes by a very large bass from two feet away while my fly was lodged on a riverbed rock, it was a weird day of animal interactions.


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          Glad you did not get bit. You are correct. The copperhead is great at camouflage. Good pic.


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            Yep, copperhead....and as hot as it has been they are very actively feeding. Males right now are looking for love as it is their secondary breeding season.
            Y'all be careful out there.

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