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Burgled on the Chattooga Sat. 11/18

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    if any of you can hit 88 mph on that road ...... ill just go ahead and call you god cause that would be pretty close to accurate.

    i am with bonedog as we have cancelled a couple of trips due to the unfortunate events that are taking place.

    i love the rive r and think that if anyone wants to form a posse to eradicate this moron from his thieving ways ......


    or just form some kind of a watch on the area would be good too


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      Red tacoma


      We talked to two guys with the same red tacoma with SC tags the morning of the break in. They told me that someone had previously broken into their truck through the sliding window. If these guys are the perps, they told me that they live in the clemson area (i noticed the clemson parking sticker b/c i am a student there). I hope that helps to narrow this guy down, since there are a few people who drive red tacomas. After reading the messgae board, I checked the pawn shop in clemson, but no FF gear.

      I drive the gray 4 door F-150 FX4, but I am usually with Kelbowski in his Jeep Rubicon. Sorry this crap happend to you. If I ever catch anybody breaking into any car up there, they'll have to explain it to my 357 friends.

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        Thank you to everyone

        I appreciate the support I have recieved from this group of guys more than you know. I realize that an attack on me is an attack on all of us, and the threat that I experienced is one we should all recognize as something that can happen to anyone. All of the information passed along by so many of you has been passed to the DNR and Federal Game warden's offices, and I know that we have put them miles closer to catching this thief than they would have been relying only on information passed along at the scene of the break-in.
        I have just been blown away by the unbelievable concern I have recieved from so many people I have never officially met. I hope I can run into each one of you on the river sometime, and put a face with a name.

        Thank you again,

        Preston Sutter
        Preston Sutter


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          Everytime I run into someone I tell them I'm Path Less Traveled or Grizz.


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            And I thought getting my Bass stolen off my trailer ball was bad!!
            Some people never cease to amaze me! Geez.....
            There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.
            Steven Wright